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Souvenirs from Haiti

Visitors to Haiti are struck by the open hearts and strong spirits of the people who live there, carrying back Haitian souvenirs that remind them of the days spent there. Most handicrafts are made using recycled materials, such as the vibrantly hued papier-mache sculptures, available in many sizes and forms, all reflecting a tropical vibe. Steel oil barrels are flattened, sanitized and cut into mythical, religious and oceanic shapes, often with a beautiful filigree pattern. These shapes are then further enhanced with a sealant to prevent rust. Other forms of metal sculpture are cut from aluminum sheets into simple shapes, and then painted in bright colors to be turned into mobiles and wall art. Wooden items, such as picture frames, thin placemats, paper towel holders and trays, are also a popular craft item. Other souvenirs from Haiti can be the color Voodoo flags, postcards, T-shirts, key chains and refrigerator magnets.

The Geography of Haiti

Haiti is the 3rd largest Caribbean nation, sharing space on the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic, with the second longest coastline. The geographical interior is a mix of mountain ranges and coastal plains that are interspersed throughout the country. The highest altitude in Haiti can be found at Pic la Selle, which stands at 2680 meters in the Chaine de la Selle Mountain Range. The majority of farming is done in the Plaine de l'Artibonite valley, south of Montagnes Noires, and is reliant on the Riviere l'Artibonite for irrigation. Sugar, mangoes and coffee are the primary cash crops. Elementally speaking, Haiti also has many mineral resources in various amounts, including gold, copper, marble, clay and gypsum. There are several smaller islands that belong to the territory of Haiti, including the infamous pirate refuge of Tortuga, rural Gonave Island, Ile d'Anacaona, the Cayemites and the lovely Ile a Vache.

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