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Souvenirs from Guyana

The Co-operative Republic of Guyana is an ethnically intriguing vacation spot, with many unique animal and plant species. You will be enchanted by the diversity, and by the souvenirs from Guyana. Search for carved wooden animals, ranging from inexpensive trinkets to dramatic works of art, and paintings by local artists of the landscapes for beautiful ways to remember you days spent here. Photographic postcards, figural key chains, and imprinted refrigerator magnets are a way to share your memories with others, while your home can enjoy the addition of a woven cloth hammock, or a table cloth of a locally dyed fabric. Unique Guyanese souvenirs can be found in the antique markets, where remnants of the Dutch occupation can be found in the form of fragile glass jars and bottles. You can purchase beaded necklaces from the street vendors, or head into an upscale jeweler's shop. Here, you can have a one of a kind piece commissioned as a dramatic memento of your travels.

Guyana: Biodiversity

Guyana has over 2,700 different species of vertebrates and birds within its borders, and 8,000 species of plants, of which half can only be found here. Over 80% of the country is covered by forests, which contain over 1000 varieties of trees. Unlike many other South American countries, Guyana's wild areas are still mostly undamaged from industry and pollution, resulting in many animals that have been endangered or extinct in other areas still being relatively common. In fact, it is believed that there may be hundreds of undiscovered species of insects and spiders living in the rainforests. Guyana is celebrated for its biodiversity, and includes many different kinds of forests, swamps and coastal habitats. The Essequibo River is the primary water source for the country and is connected to the Chodikar, Kamoa, Sipu and Kassikaityu rivers. These clean waters are host to many fish and mammals, including the giant river otter.

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