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Souvenirs from Guinea-Bissau

A vacation to the Republic of Guinea-Bissau can be an amazing journey into the heart of a vibrant culture and Bissau-Guinean souvenirs are just as remarkable. Tribal handicrafts are incredibly popular, well-made and full of colors. A spectacularly carved mask, full of ritual import, would be a dramatic addition to the walls of an office, or a wooden statue, tooled to resemble a warrior, would be a classical way to give an authentic touch to a study. If you want smaller souvenirs from Guinea-Bissau, consider a piece of beaded jewelry or something made from precious metals, like a trinket box. You can also find other African crafts, such as handmade cloth, beauty treatments, pottery and baskets in a variety of colors and sizes, in the local markets. Of course, if you can't make a choice, you will find plenty of postcards, refrigerator magnets, posters, and key chains for purchase throughout the country.

Visiting Guinea-Bissau

There are many different activities to tempt visitors to Guinea-Bissau, showcasing beautiful beaches, Portuguese heritage and the people of this country. Orango is an island of picture perfect tropical beaches and a chance to see salt water hippos in their natural habitat, while on Praia de Bruce offers groves of cashew trees, ideal for walking or bike riding. If you would prefer privacy, Varela can be a challenge to reach, but the quiet sands and pine forest make it worthwhile. Those interested in history will wish to make a stop in Bolama Town, where the remnants of colonial mansions and buildings provide reminders of the Portuguese. In any of the towns and villages, you will find gumbe music, full of infectious fast moving beats and passion. If you would prefer to let others do the dancing, Balante tribes people perform Broxa, a traditional dance in costume with centuries old instruments.

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