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Souvenirs from Guinea

Souvenirs from Guinea are an exotic reminder of days and nights spent exploring the Triasto archipelago. You will find that purchasing memorabilia can be an adventure, as bargaining is an expected part of everyday shopping. You can practice your French and gain a new friend or two as you haggle for the best prices. There are many tribal crafts to purchase, including ceremonial masks and drums, wooden carvings and traditional costumes. Any of these items would look fantastic as a piece of art on a wall, or you could commission one of the local landscape painters to create a piece for you. Guinea is renowned for its tailors and seamstresses, and would be glad to fashion a one of a kind outfit for you, often times in less than a day. Make sure to purchase plenty of water globes, key chains, post cards, and refrigerator magnets to share as Guinean souvenirs.

Things to Do in Guinea

Adventure travelers enjoy maneuvering through the back roads and rivers of Guinea, with some of the most beautiful vistas, hiking trails and beaches the world has to offer. Conakry is the main city, and the starting point for most tours. As you head north on the coastline, to the border with Guinea Bissau, you can enjoy a stay at the famous Bel-Air hotel, where politicians meet to solve the country's problems, or camp on the beach to enjoy spectacular skylines and get up close to the birds and marine life. If you would prefer a more historical experience, visit the Foutah Djallon area, an interior region with picturesque waterfalls, cliffs and villages. The capital of the now extinct Foutah Empire, Labe features pre-colonial points of interests and markets full of local handicrafts. Dalaba is also of significance, where visitors can experience the inside of an animist ceremonial hut and a French plantation home.

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