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The Cannon Fort of Hagatna Guam Hagatna is the capital of the United States Territory of Guam. It is located at the mouth of the Hagatna River on Guam's west coast. The construction of the Hagatna fort dates back to the 1800's when Guam was a colony of Spain. The site depicted on the acrylic fridge ..
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Souvenirs from Guam

A vacation is a memorable experience, and can be cherished for years to come with the right souvenirs from Guam. The many exotic plants and flowers are turned into beautiful decorations and accessories, like the marmars. These woven flower headbands are a traditional part of ethnic costume. Long palm leaves are woven into lidded baskets and decorations, shaped like stars and embellished with shells. You can also purchase shell necklaces, beaded jewelry, and sarongs in bright colors. Guamanian souvenirs can also be artistic creations produced by local artisans, such as machetes with carved handles, mosaics made from shells and watercolor landscape paintings. If you find you have a fondness for certain tropical flowers, you can enjoy essential oils, candles and body products scented with plumeria, jasmine and bougainvillea. Speaking of essentials, don't forget to purchase enough picture postcards, magnets, key chains, T-shirts and tote bags for everyone on your list.

Flora and Fauna of Guam

Many beautiful plants are grown in Guam, in fact over 600 separate species. Limes, coconuts, mangoes, papayas, guavas, breadfruit, tangerilles and mountain apples have been supplementing the native diet since time memorial, while delicate and beautiful flowers scent the air with their sweet perfume, and provide nectar to butterflies. Flame trees, with bold blossoms of red and orange, provide an additional touch of beauty, while the ifil tree is a local favorite to use in furniture. Beneath the tranquil seas, reefs are made up of over 300 different forms of coral. On dry land, geckos and chameleon scurry back and forth, looking for a tasty insect dinner, while shorebirds, like the Gray-Tailed Tattler and Mongolian Dotteral, create picturesque scenes. Introduced animals, like boars and deer roam the jungle, keeping an eye out for monitor lizards and fruit bats. The flora and fauna of Guam are an essential part of the vacation experience, and will leave lasting memories for tourists.

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