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Souvenirs from Grenada

Souvenirs from Grenada reflect the tropical surroundings and sweet spices of the island. Rum, an alcoholic beverage distilled from sugar canes, originated in the Caribbean, and you will find many varieties of it, based on added flavors and age. Perhaps the most sought after brand is River Antoine, which is bottled at the oldest distillery on the island. Not quite interested in a drink? Homemade jams and jellies, rum cakes and spice rubs can be distinct gifts from your vacation. Vanilla and nutmeg are popular scents for Grenadian made lotions, soaps, oil and other cosmetics, and the perfect foil for dresses made out of colorful batik prints. You can also find batik wall hangings, baskets and mobiles for home decor. T-shirts, mugs, shot glasses, post cards, refrigerator magnets, and key chains featuring maps of Grenada and scenic photos have to find a space in your luggage for your frienda and family back home.

Grenada Festivals and Fun

Celebrating local events is one of the thrills of vacationing far from home, and Grenada has a slew of them for you to choose from. Regattas, or boat races, of international importance are held here on an annual basis, including the Grenada Sailing Festival at the Port Louis Marina. The Classic Yacht Regatta and Carriacou Regatta, with an emphasis on handmade ships, are other fun events to enjoy. Looking for something slightly flashier? The Carriacou Carnival has street dancing, elaborate costumes and social commentary for entertainment purposes. St. Patrick's Day, on March 17th, is celebrated with great fun, while April 23rd is a day of culture and food traditions in St. Mark's Sunset City Festival. For music lovers, Tivoli is home to the Grenada drum festival, with competitions and traditional dances. The most lavish and epic festival is Spice Mas Grenada Carnival held on the first Monday and Tuesday of August, where all the cultural icons and identities of Grenada are enjoyed and expressed.

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