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View of Beach in Gambia on Acrylic Fridge Magnet Gambia has many great attractions for tourists as well as its inhabitants. One of the best highlights of Gambia is its great beaches like the one shown on the acrylic fridge magnet above. Gambia is a country located in West Africa; the Gambia River fl..
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Souvenirs from Gambia

Looking for unique memorabilia for your Gambian vacation? Make sure to scour the markets for attractive souvenirs from Gambia, such as tribal masks, ceremonial statues, or attractive baskets in many sizes and color combinations. Local artists use many natural elements in their work, sculpting beautiful animals and shamanistic figures from acacia and ebony, or produce impressionistic sand paintings. If you are looking for a more personal Gambian souvenir, traditionally stamped and carved silver jewelry is an attractive way to keep vacation memories close to your heart. You may also choose from hundreds of strands of brightly hued glass trade beads, batik printed clothing, or tie-dyed fabric to turn into wall hangings and curtains. Leather items, such as bags, belts, vests, sculptures and toys, are another way to appreciate the bounty provided by Gambia's natural resources. Of course, not enough can be said of the simple pleasures of reviewing post cards, figural key chains and picture magnets upon your return home.

Animals of Gambia

The Republic of the Gambia has a plethora of birds and animals for the wildlife enthusiast. Baboons, chimpanzees and 3 different breeds of monkeys, the red colobus, vervet and patas, can be found in forests and national parks. Also in the forest are small members of the antelope family called oribi and duikers. Other breeds of antelopes, such as derby elands, cobs, waterbucks, and roans, live in the grasslands with bush pigs and warthogs. Within the waters, crocodiles, dolphins and hippopotamuses live in harmony alongside various types of fish and reptiles. There are several types of poisonous snakes in Gambia, like mambas, pythons and cobras, so do be careful if you are venturing out into the wilderness. You may also encounter monitor lizards, tortoises and geckos. Within the borders of the country, there are 9 national parks and reserves that serve as protected areas for the animals, and as a convenient way for tourists to enjoy them.

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