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African Elephants in Gabon on Acrylic Fridge Magnet If you are in search for nice souvenirs of Gabon or Africa, you should get those that appropriately depict the culture and notable highlights of these places. A fitting souvenir would be this nice acrylic fridge magnet, which is stocked at world-wi..
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Acrylic Fridge Magnet Fashioned as Rainforest in Gabon Look at this acrylic fridge magnet showing a rainforest in Gabon. The magnet displays a nice shot of the rainforest; plus, it has an acrylic finishing that gives it a decent and graceful touch. The magnet will look great on your fridge and can a..
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Souvenirs from Gabon

The souvenirs from Gabon are a reflective mix of cultural traditions and natural resources. The Fang tribes bring many handicrafts to the markets, such as oversized ceremonial masks, stone sculptures in all shapes and sizes, and musical instruments, like drums. Strikingly designed clay pots, bowls and trays are another charming Gabonese souvenir for the home, and a lovely match to hand-printed fabric wall hangings. Precious and semi-precious gemstones can also be found for excellent prices, and can be set in country, or upon your return home. Less costly, but no less beautiful, strands of trade beads are lovely when worn in many lengths around the neck or wrist, and stamped pendants of brass, copper and silver are dramatic in size and shape. Of course, you mustn't step foot on the airplane without filling your carry-on bag with colorful key chains, postcards, figural magnets, T-shirts, and water globes to share with everyone.

Adventures in Gabon

Gabon is an exciting tourist destination, with all the earmarks of an exotic vacation, with the convenience of modern luxuries close at hand. Enjoy a day at the beach, taking part in fun watersports, such as jet skiing, surfing, water skiing, and wind surfing, or lounge on the sand. Port Gentill is highly recommended as a stop for visitors interested in beach and water activities. You can also enjoy snorkeling and skin diving, seeing mysterious shipwrecks and amazing fish, dolphins, and sharks in Perroquet. The gleaming white buildings of Libreville stand in brilliant contrast to the green frame of the forests that surround the city. Within its boundaries, you will find many important historical places that will lead you to a better understanding of the country and its people. Make a stop at the National Museum to view the vast collection of Fang tribal wood carvings, reputed to have influenced the modern artist, Picasso.

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