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French Polynesia

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Souvenirs from French Polynesia

Romantic and luxurious, a honeymoon in French Polynesia is an experience to cherish for a lifetime. French Polynesian souvenirs match the beauty of the islands and are a treasure to share with others. Perhaps the most distinctive of these are the black pearls, grown in the lagoons. Called black, these gems range from gray to green, blue to bronze and even purple. Quality and size will determine the price, so you will find something to fit any budget. Mother or pearl, carved from the insides of oyster shell, is another distinctive souvenir from French Polynesia, and is used to make jewelry and household decorations. You can even find mother of pearl items inlaid with black pearls, creating a very special memento. A popular cultural icon is the images of a woman dressed in a pareau. You can find T-shirts, postcards, key chains and magnets bearing this image.

French Polynesian Souvenirs

A pareau is a large piece of cloth, in a variety of colors and patterns, which is wrapped around the body to wear as a dress or skirt. These make great souvenirs, as they are practical to use as scarves, table coverings and wall hangings. A Tifaifai Quilt is used at the end of a Polynesian wedding ceremony to wrap the happy couple in. Sold in craft boutiques, they are intricately detailed with flower motifs and bold hues, and would be quite lovely on your bed at home, or framed as art. A tiki statue is a charming memento of the islands. A caricature of island gods and protectors, you can find them carved from wood or stone, and in a variety of sizes. Scent is a trigger for memories, and bringing home items scented of tiare flower, coconut, banana and grapefruit will keep fond visions alive in your mind.

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