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French Guiana

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Souvenirs from French Guiana

Vacationers are always glad to share stories of their experiences and souvenirs from French Guiana tell tales of centuries of colonialism and tribal history. Sculptures, furniture, toys and drums made from red mahogany are a specialty of the Maroon tribe, while the Hmongs create beautiful embroidered work sold in the village markets and shops. Other native tribes produce a distinctive red pottery, formed into jugs, pots, bowls and trays, and woven items, such as baskets, boxes, hats and mats. You can also find bows, arrows and other weapons as fun French Guiana souvenirs. Pearl jewelry and necklaces of wooden beads and stones are a great deal. As it is an overseas department of France, you may also find French products available for purchase at the port towns. Of course, you mustn't forget to pick up plenty of postcards, visors, T-shirts, key chains and magnets colorfully portraying examples of life in French Guiana.

The Ecosystem of French Guiana

With a population density of 3 people per kilometer, French Guiana has a plethora of unique animals and ecosystems, and has an extraordinarily high biodiversity level. An assortment of wetlands, inselbergs, tropical rainforests, savannahs and mangroves all are under special conservation measures. In fact, there is a high percentage of ancient forests that have been in continual growth for millennia, protecting species from ice ages and droughts. French Guiana contains 98% of French vertebrae species, and 96% of the vascular plants. There over 5,000 recorded plant species, 900 plus animal species and over 500 fish species. Amana beach is home to one of the largest nesting areas in the world for leatherback turtles. Unfortunately, the French Guiana ecosystem faces dangers from human encroachment, mining, logging and poaching. Steps have been taking to continually reassess the environmental impact of industry, and to find solutions that protect nature, and the livelihood of people.

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