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A Place Far From the Usual World This travel souvenir from Fiji just exudes vacation. If you live in a place that hosts a cold climate, you'll likely fall under the irresistible charm of the image of this warm vacate resort. It reads as s dream vacation involves a certain peace of mind. Also, it is ..
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Souvenirs from Fiji

Exotic and wild, the Republic of Fiji is a popular destination for honeymoons and adventure seekers. Fijian souvenirs are indicative of the Melanesian and Polynesian cultures, and the tradition of separate crafts made by men and women. Traditional men's work is carving, creating small statues, bowls and decor for the home. For a truly distinctive memento, a cannibal fork or war club, traditionally used in battle, will make your office renovations complete. The women's crafts include pottery making, done under ritualistic measures, and tapa cloth manufacturing. Tapa cloth is mulberry tree bark that has been beaten and treated to produce a cloth-like substance decorated with charcoal designs. Pandanus mats are created from pandanus leaves, and bordered by woolen sheets. Men and women both participate in weaving, but only men are allowed to make baskets and rope. For equal opportunity souvenirs from Fiji, try colorful postcards, laminated key chains, and magnets for your refrigerator.

Watersports in Fiji

Enjoy watersports? Then Fiji is the place for you! Turquoise waters border sandy beaches, and cover shallow reefs, ship wrecks and many color species of sea life. After you finish sunning yourself on the beach for the day, pick up snorkeling gear from your resort and head out towards one of the reefs that support coral and fish. If you are more experienced, you can rent diving equipment, or tag along with a group, to visit a shipwreck. The clear waters are ideal for photography, and you can take snapshots of the sharks and dolphins swimming by. The islands can also be experienced on top of the water, by chartering a boat for a cruise around the 300 islands or a deep sea fishing expedition to try your luck. Something more active to try is jet skiing, wave boarding or waterskiing. You can also surf or just take a gentle swim to cool off before shopping, dinner or dancing.

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