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Faroe Islands

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A Colored Lifestyle This travel souvenir from Faroe Islands not only talks about the city's central vocation, but it also provides context. Thus, the buildings in the background give the frame a busy appearance. The whole image conveys a sense of adventure that really makes one think about how far t..
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Souvenirs from the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands are a group of islands located between Iceland and Scotland, and is a self-governing dependency of Denmark. They are in control of most of their own domestic issues, but rely on Denmark for military, police and legal issues. Souvenirs from the Faroe Islands include key chains emblazoned with local wit, figural refrigerator magnets of landmarks, and beautiful picture postcards featuring landscapes of considerable beauty. This is an agrarian society, with more sheep than people. At last count, it was believed that there were two sheep for every person, so you can imagine there is a considerable wool and textile industry. They add a special waterproofing to the wool, making it ideal for the climate. A perfectly charming Faroese souvenir would be a new sweater, made up in traditional patterns, a lively knit hat, or toasty warm socks. The weather is chilly, so you will be able to use them before you return home.

Dining on the Faroe Islands

The cuisine of the Faroe Islands is dependent on fish, as befits an island territory, Shrimp, halibut, haddock and herring are eaten on a daily basis, prepared in stews or served smoked and dried. A unique bit of culinary heritage is the eating of pilot whales. All of the whale can be eaten, and a traditional dish consists of cold boiled potatoes, dried fish and pilot whale, and brined blubber from the whale. Mutton, boiled, roasted or dried, is a popular meat dish, in addition to the occasional sea bird. Vegetables are not as popular, except for potatoes, but their consumption has increased with the introduction of British food products. Currently trendy, you will find all manner of imported British products on the shelves, and fish and chip shops in many of the cities. Beer is excellent for washing down fish and chips, and there are many breweries on the islands, each offering a lightly different taste.

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