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Eswatini (Swaziland)

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Souvenirs from Eswatini (Swaziland)

A visit to the Kingdom of Swaziland is an amazing adventure into natural wonders and tribal history. Swazi souvenirs are immersed in those same ideals, using them to create fantastic works of art. You may wish to purchase a woven rug made from cotton or straw to accent your home, or revel in the passionate work of a clay pot, worked for hours until it was perfect. A basket woven from sisal rope, a toy welded from sheet metal, or a length of cloth, dyed and embroidered, would all be wonderful souvenirs from Swaziland. Jewelry, either made from glass beads or hammered precious metal, is an intimate piece of memorabilia which can be worn every day, or choose a mohair scarf for colder temperatures, loomed by hand. Other easily packable items are small wooden statues, carved to resemble warriors and animals, water globes, postcards, key chains and colorful refrigerator magnets.

Swaziland Activities

Swaziland has an adventure to offer everyone, whether you wish to enjoy the majesty of wildlife, partake of local culture, or feel the breeze in your hair in the great outdoors. The Mkhaya is host to many protected species, including the rhinoceros. These spectacular animals can also be found at the Hlane Royal National Park, sharing space with lions, giraffes and elephants. Birders will want to visit the Shewula Nature Reserve, and spy the many different bird species in the ironwood forest. The Siebebe Rock is a rite of passage for many hikers, and can produce a lifetime of memories. Paragliding, caving, biking and white water rafting are just a few of the other options available for outdoor activities. If your interests fall more into the human range, a visit to the ingana, or healer, could be a worthwhile experience, learning how medicinal herbs and emotions can change your health.

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