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Souvenirs from Eritrea

Many people have never heard of the small country of Eritrea. However, if you are thinking if going to exotic places, especially in the continent of Africa, then one of the countries that you definitely have to visit is Eritrea in the northeastern part of Africa. This country borders Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast region. It is not an everyday destination, but with its rich archeological treasures, it can be a very interesting place to visit. If you want to make your trip memorable for you, as well as for your loved ones, then you should make sure to keep some souvenirs from Eritrea. Naturally, you will need conventional memorable items from Eritrea, such as fridge magnets and key chains, but you can also go for authentic memorabilia from Eritrea.

Interesting Facts About Eritrea

Especially if you are thinking of seeing someplace special in the African continent, then you must definitely go to Eritrea. It is an interesting country, as it is the second location in Africa after Egypt to have the most number of archeological sites. Hence, if you are looking for true history, then you are guaranteed to find it here. As another interesting point about this country is that the lowest point of Eritrea is one of the hottest points in Earth. Moreover, there are several archeological finds to suggest that this country's area is one of the originating points of humanity, as it is thought that human ancestry migrated out of this country from its coast toward the Red Sea. So, if you are interested in cultural travel and if you want to see the location where mankind has generated, then you should definitely go to Eritrea and take some fine, memorable items to remember this wonderful country.

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