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DPRK (North Korea)

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Kim Il-sung Square Exhibited on Acrylic Fridge Magnet If you are seeking for a suitable souvenir of Pyongyang in North Korea, you should consider buying this nice acrylic fridge magnet. The magnet shows a view of the famous Kim Il-sung Square built in the city; hence it is a fitting keepsake of both..
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Kim Il-Sung shown on Acrylic Fridge Magnet Kim Il-Sung, also written as Kim Il-sung, was a notable leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea that is also known as North Korea. He governed the country from 1948 till he died during 1994. He was designated as the country's Prime Minister betw..
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Souvenirs from DPRK (North Korea)

Visitors seeking souvenirs from North Korea will be delighted by the unique merchandise available to them throughout the country. Propaganda items featuring images of leaders past and present are very popular with tourists, and range from figural tea pots to full size paintings, books of wisdom and poetry, jewelry lockets with pictures and tapestries. You can also purchase postcards of various state buildings, events, and celebrated party leaders and mail them to your home, garnering a North Korean souvenir stamp in the process. Key chains, magnets and posters are another great option, or you can purchase silk and linen paintings directly from the artists around the major touristic points of interest. Cigarettes and alcohol are cheaply priced here, and many take home examples of them to share with friends and family. Of course, you will always find that books, magazines, movies and pamphlets from North Korea will make for great conversation pieces where ever you go.

North Korea's Mountains

Called a "sea in a heavy gale" by the first European visitors, North Korea is a country of over 80% mountains and highlands, scarred with deep valleys. Most of the population lives in the coastal plains and lowlands, for farming capabilities, on the western side of the country, as what little plains exist on the coast are interrupted by the mountain cliffs dropping straight into the sea. The Rangrim Mountains bisect the country, running from North to South, creating difficulties in transportation and communication, while the Kangnam Range forms a natural border between North Korea and China.Near the Chinese border on a basalt plateau, Baekdu Mountain is the highest elevation point in North Korea, at 2,000 meters. The nearby Hamgyong Mountain Range is host to Gwanmosan Peak, which is measured at 1,756 meters. Mount Kumgang, also called Diamond Mountain, is in the Taebaek Range and is treasured for its picturesque beauty.

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