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Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic: A State of Relaxation This travel souvenir from the Dominican Republic will make you fantasize of the ideal state of relaxation. Located in the east of La Espanola Island, Punta Cana is part of the Greater Antilles. Dominican Republic takes up half of the island and the other hal..
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Punta Cana - Beautiful Beached With Turquoise Blue Waters Punta Cana is the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic and undoubtedly has the best beaches of this region. As a result, a fridge magnet of this picturesque place serves as a wonderful souvenir. Punta Cana, part of the Punta Cana Ba..
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Souvenirs from Dominican Republic

Many visitors to the Dominican Republic find that they long to keep alive memories of sunny days and tropical nights. Dominican souvenirs are one of the best ways to do this, reflective of the natural resources and traditions that soak the country. A distinctive craft is the faceless doll, often found in nativity scenes or depicting everyday life. Many local artists offer oil paintings of local scenes and beach landscapes, or mahogany sculptures of animals, plants and people. Clay pots, vases, bowls and decorative sculptures are another fine choice for the tourist seeking to bring a bit of the tropics to their home. Candles scented with the essence of vanilla, orchids, coconut, rum and cinnamon will delight any recipient, and beg to be paired with similarly fragrant lotions. Perhaps the most convenient of souvenirs from the Dominican Republic are the rows of postcards, key chains and refrigerator magnets depicting beach scenes.

Dominican Republic Souvenirs

Jewelry is always a popular present, and you can find many lovely examples to fit your budget in the Dominican Republic. From stands on the beach, you can purchase charming beaded necklaces, earrings, anklets and bracelets to wear with your swimsuit, or to share with friends upon your return. Semiprecious jewelry featuring sea green larimar is a treat to purchase, as this stone is only found in this country. Amber is another Dominican natural resource, used in jewelry and art pieces, like sculptures and specialty chess sets. A popular local herbal remedy is called mamajuana, made of various herbs, bark and honey in an elixir of rum and wine. This vitality treatment can be purchased in various sizes throughout the country, with many variations. A bag of locally grown coffee beans would be a thoughtful souvenir from the Dominican Republic, to enjoy on cold mornings as you are on your way to work.

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