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The National Emblem of Djibouti The coat of arms on the acrylic fridge magnet is a symbolic representation of unity between the two major tribes of Djibouti; the Afar and the Somali Issa. This Djibouti coat of arms was officially adopted on June 27th, 1977 as the national emblem by the Republic of D..
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Souvenirs from Djibouti

Souvenirs from the Republic of Djibouti are a fine way to share your experiences and pleasures that you discovered on vacation. Necklaces of malachite and amber beads, hammered silver jewelry, beaded fabric wallets, bags and belts, and traditional African dresses called bou-bous are some of the items you will find in the markets. Tribal crafts, such as daggers with sculpted handles made from horn and wood, carved stone statues of animals and deities, and woven baskets, mats and boxes, are a great deal for the person seeking ethnic decor, and leather jackets, cases and sculptures can be had for good prices. Other Djiboutian souvenirs are richly scented incense, created from local spices and flowers, and bags of coffee beans to enjoy when you return home. Arts and crafts from surrounding countries are also available in the street markets, along with colorful T-shirts, imprinted refrigerator magnets, post cards and key chains.

Travel to Djibouti

Visitors to Djibouti can take advantage of the unspoiled stretches of nature, including seeing from the back of a camel on caravan, or touring the islands on boat. Wildlife watching is another popular activity, looking for colorful birds or whale sharks, majestic behemoths that are safe for humans to interact with. For those seeking a more active water experience, scuba diving and snorkeling in the ocean are great ways to get up close and personal with hundreds of species of fish. Wind surfing, jet skiing, and water skiing are other ways to appreciate a sunny day at the beach. After you've had enough of the sun, dress up for a night of local cuisine and dancing, or relax with a beverage at a lounge bar. Shopping for souvenirs and clothing at the markets and upscale malls are other ways to appreciate the sophisticated city life. No matter how you celebrate it, your Djiboutian vacation will always be remembered.

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