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Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Souvenirs from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Souvenirs of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are indicative of the culture and climate. Items made from the cornucopia of plants found in the rain forest range from jewelry using seeds, baskets woven from gigantic leaves, to complete sets of hardwood furniture. You may wish to order a hand carved dining room table and have it shipped back home, but a more portable option maybe a wooden statute of your favorite safari animal. Geologically rich, you can also find loose precious stones or already set in jewelry, although you will want to make sure you have proper documentation for these items. Other Congolese souvenirs include tribal pottery, ebony carvings, and bronze sculptures. Keep an eye out for lotions, perfumes and cosmetics treatments made from traditional recipes, using the fragant blossoms and natural oils of local plants. Of course, you will want to stock up on plenty of post cards, refrigerator magnets, key chains and other colorful memorabilia.

DRC: Waters and Lands

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a land wealthy with unique geographical and geological interests. Covered by the second largest rainforest in the world, and vast reaches of grassland, volcanoes and mountains, the land is beautifully diverse. The country's namesake, the Congo River, stretches through almost a million kilometers of area, including its tributaries, and is the backbone of the economy. Starting in the Albertine Rift Mountains, it ends in the Atlantic Ocean, creating many waterfalls and pools along the way. Having a tropical climate, the wet weather helps to sustain the many water features in this country. Volcanoes are found in the mountains, and helped to form the African Great Lakes, three of which are in the DRC. This volcanic activity has created many mineral riches in the rift valley, and the country is a supplier of Cobalt, cadmium, uranium, radium, iron ore, coal and diamonds, providing jobs and economic activity to the nation.

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