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A Piece of Probable Tranquility This souvenir from Cyprus not only speaks to a certain region, but to the particular history of a geography. The rocks in the forefront give the viewer the impression that they are standing in wait for next geological move. The contrast exhibited by the sun-kissed roc..
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Souvenirs from Cyprus

Visitors to the Republic of Cyprus enjoy a wealth of Cyprian souvenirs to choose from. Vividly hued ceramic plates, cups, bowls and pitchers are incredibly popular, and are available in a selection of patterns and styles that vary from town to town. Cyprus Delight, a cousin to Turkish Delight, is a protected candy produced within the country, and is available in an assortment of flavors. Postcards featuring local landmarks, magnets made from copper and key chains with costumed dolls are all great examples of souvenirs from Cyprus. Woven textiles and rugs can be a great way to decorate a kitchen with travel memories, or you may want to purchase an assortment of baskets to use to store trinkets and magazines. Carved wooden items, such as boxes, trays and sculptures, are great finds for people seeking special presents for friends and family. Silver and copper household items and jewelry are other lovely items to share.

Scuba Diving in Cyprus

Cyprus is a mecca for diving enthusiasts, and those learning to dive, because of the clear, warm gentle waters that make it ideal for underwater activity. The many shipwrecks over the centuries have contributed to the reef population, allowing a large variety of coral and fish to make their home here. The Zenobia wreck is, perhaps, the most popular dive site, and is considered to be one of the top Mediterranean sites. This sunken ferry ship is mostly intact with its cargo, creating many places for groupers, conger eels and barracudas to hide. A helicopter wreck is close by, as well as an artificial reef, created by a sunken barge, called Fraggle Rock. If you prefer something completely natural, Konnos Point offers sea caves full of starfish and octopi, as well as predatory fish. For a truly memorable experience, the Akrotti Fish Reserve offers visitors a chance to feed fish by hand.

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