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Willemstad City View. Netherlands Antilles A row of brightly colored buildings in Willemstad Netherlands is displayed on this Acrylic Fridge Magnet. Willemstad is a city in the Dutch province of North Brabant. It is located in the municipality of Moerdijk with a small population of around 2,300. Wil..
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Souvenirs from Curacao

Visitors to the West Indies paradise of Curacao often find that they are spoiled for choice when it comes to memorabilia. Popular Curacaoan souvenirs are handicrafts, items made by the locals using materials sourced from the island. If you are searching for something to enjoy while you are on vacation and long afterwards, consider purchasing a spritely straw hat, trimmed with flowers, to wear while strolling through the markets. A beautiful batik printed dress for her and matching shirt for him would make a charming photo on the beach. A bag full of seashells, strands of colorful beads or lovely woven baskets are a few other souvenirs from Curacao to consider. You can also purchase items imported from the Netherlands, such as beautiful Delft china, embroidered linens and wheels of Edam cheese, and from nearby Haiti, including carved wooden items. Naturally, you'll also want to choose plenty of postcards, magnets and key chains to fill up your carry-on bag.

Curacao: A Unique Island Experience

Curacao is slightly different from your typical island paradise, with scenery that is more reminiscent of South America, full of cacti, evergreens, and thorny shrubs. The national tree is the divi-divi, and you will see them all throughout the country. However, beaches are still very lovely, and there are many coral reefs for scuba diving. A particularly unique feature of the island is its sea floor, which drops off less than 300 feet from the shore. This means that the coral reefs can be reached without a boat, opening them up to more people. Also unique to Curacao is its location outside of normal hurricane tracks, allowing them to welcome tourists when other nations might not be able to. Since records have been kept, no hurricane has made landfall in the country. The island's temperature is maintained at an average of 27 degrees Celsius year round by the trade winds.

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