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The Beauty Of Dubrovnik In Croatia Captured On An Acrylic Fridge Magnet The beautiful scenery of Dubrovnik In Croatia is pictured on this attractive fridge magnet from the catalogues of World Wide Gifts. Dubrovnik is one of the major tourist destinations in the Mediterranean with its beaches and me..
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A Pleasant Place to Visit This souvenir from Croatia highlights the unique city planning of Rab. The depth of field utilized is simply magnificent as it efficiently places the sea and the city in an organic relationship. It is clear that the sea has a key role in the landscape and in the residents`l..
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The Mediterranean Rab Island of Croatia If you want a Caribbean experience with a touch of Roman flavor then Rab Island of Croatia is the ideal place to visit. Rich in cultural heritage and exquisite historical monuments from the Roman era, Rab Island is one of the islands of the Kvarner Bay archipe..
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Souvenirs from Croatia

Visitors to the Republic of Croatia are always astounded by the plethora of crafts, gifts and sweet treats to purchase for friends and family back home. Popular Croatian souvenirs are often food based, such as the Licitarsko Srce. Made from honey dough, these non-edible ornaments are painted, bejeweled with mirrors and hung with ribbons. The heart is the traditional shape, but you can also find them made into houses, angels, birds, or whatever shape the artist fancied. For those who would like something to admire and drink, a bottle of Maraschino liqueur is a fine choice. Dalmatian sour cherries, pits and leaves are used to create the beverage. Art lovers should look for examples of Naive art in the local galleries. Coral is a traditional material in Croatian jewelry making, often found set in silver. Other souvenirs from Croatia could be a T-shirt, a refrigerator magnet, a key chain or stacks of postcards featuring landscapes and buildings.

The Croatian Wine Industry

Wine production has been a hallmark of Croatia for over 2,500 years, as a gift from Greek setters. Many grape varieties on Vis, Hvar and Korcula can be traced back to this time period. White wine makes up the majority of nearly 50,000 tons of yearly production, followed by red and rose. In order to maintain quality, the industry has adopted the wine regulations of the European Union, creating over 300 wine regions, based on geography. The northeastern continental region produces fruity white wines, while the Istrian wines share characteristics with Northern Italian wine. As you move south in the country, the red wines develop the full-bodied tastes associated with the Mediterranean. The Dalmatian coast, with its specific grapes and climate, create unique wines that are highly prized. Wine is a popular and traditional drink for the Croatians, who enjoy it with meals. One popular recipe involves mixing the wine with still or carbonated water.

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