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Coat of Arms of Comoros on Acrylic Fridge Magnet Comoros is an independent island in the Indian Ocean; it is situated at the northern side of the Mozambique Channel, on the eastern coast of the African continent. The magnet displayed above is a fitting keepsake of the island, as it exhibits the coat..
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Souvenirs from Comoros

Comorian souvenirs are a pleasurable way to ensure a lifetime of vacation memories, and are ideal for sharing with friends and family upon your return. Everyone likes to receive post cards, key chains, T-shirts and magnets with exotic images and amusing sayings to share in the fun and excitement. Gifts of kitchen spices, such as vanilla, nutmeg and cloves, are considerate to bring back for the cooking hobbyist, and are also found mixed with the essence of tropical flowers in candles and bath and body products. A more substantial souvenir from Comoros are wood carvings, done in animal and tribal motifs. You can find them in many sizes, so one is sure to fit in your suitcase. Silver Jewelry with gemstones, necklaces of shells and wooden beads, or woven raffia hats will charm onlookers on the beach, or returning home from the airport. You can also pick up baskets and embroidered linen to give your home a tropical feel.

A Geographic Study of Comoros

The Union of Comoros is a collection of islands in the Mozambique Channel and the Indian Ocean. At a total of 2,235 kilometers, it is one of the smallest nations in the world. The main islands are Ngazidja, Mwali and Nzwani, with ownership of Mayotte in dispute with the French. Ngazidja is the largest one, and was the most recently formed of the volcanic islands. The oldest island is Maore, which gives it the best soil, safe harbors and high fishing capabilities. There is a wet and a dry season in Comoros, but the temperatures remain steady throughout the year, tending to the comfortably warm. Because they are the products of volcanic activity, the islands are relatively mountainous and hilly. Volcanic explosions are relatively common, and are constantly recreating the geography of Comoros. Karthala is the largest and most active of the volcanoes, with significant seismic activity every 5-10 years.

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