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Cocos (Keeling) Islands

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The Cocos (Keeling) Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands is an archipelago of twenty-seven coral islands on the Indian Ocean between Sri Lanka and Australia. It is also known as Keeling Island due to its discovery in 1609 by a British man by the name of Captain William Keeling. The name of the island has ..
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Memorable Moments Spent on Cocos Keeling Islands The sunny colors exhibited in this travel souvenir from Cocos Keeling Islands may appeal to you if you like to decorate your place with positivity, but it also offers plenty to admire and can help your place look a bit more classy. With this magnet, y..
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Cook Keeling Island: Oh no, its Flag is not Simple It may be a relatively simple flag, but this travel souvenir from Cocos Keeling Islands can help you remember your vacation every time you head into your kitchen. Not everything we do is fun, but it is nice to have reminders that there are rewards a..
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Souvenirs from Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Souvenirs from the Cocos Islands are a beautiful way to share memories with friends and family for years after your vacation ends. Make your home a tropical getaway with colorful batik print tablecloths, draperies, wall hangings and pillowcases. Woven baskets and mats and carved statues will make great accent pieces. If you would prefer to wear your travel memorabilia, batik scarves and purses, shell necklaces and wooden jewelry are natural choices for you. Picture postcards of beach scenes, placed in lovely picture frames, make for wonderful Cocossian souvenirs to share upon your return, or scatter at your workplace. T-shirts, key chains and refrigerator magnets should be purchased by the dozen, just for their ease in transport. If you like to experience travel in all your senses, pick up fragrant candles and body products, scented with exotic blossoms and enriched with sea minerals. The heady perfume and rich cremes will bring you back to the Cocos Islands.

The Naming of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands

The Territory of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands is a group of atolls and coral islands that are under the control of Australia, located in the Indian Ocean. They are named after William Keeling, an East India Company Sea Captain who first spotted the islands in 1609. However, the area remained uninhabited until the 1800's. Captain John Clunies-Ross, on his way to India, claimed the land for the English Empire in 1814 and made plans to return with his family in a few years. In the meantime, Alexander Hare, a prominent Englishman, decided he rather liked the islands for himself and brought a harem of Malay women to live with him on the island. Upon the return of Clunies-Ross and his family, a fued broke out between the 2 parties, which ended when all of Hare's women found suitors in Clunies-Ross's sailors. Hare left the islands for Batvia, and Clunies-Ross established a small and thriving colony, which was transferred to Australian control in 1955.

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