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Christmas Island

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Acrylic Fridge Magnet Fashioned as Christmas Island Map Fashioned as the map of Christmas Island, this acrylic fridge magnet is indeed, an apt souvenir of the island. Christmas Island or known as Territory of Christmas Island is an Australian territory situated in the Indian Ocean. It is a small isl..
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Souvenirs from Christmas Island

Souvenirs from Christmas Island are the perfect way to remember your vacation in this near pristine tropical paradise. The settlers of the island have created many lovely local crafts, using natural elements in very distinctive ways. You may wish to purchase jewelry handcrafted to evoke memories of a day on the beach using shells and frosty chunks of beach glass, or a set of wind chimes to clang on your porch in the breeze. Many of the artists have set up kilns and pottery wheels to make vases, dishes and ceramic statues, painted with tropical motifs. The bright red Christmas Island crab is a signature creature on the island, and can be found printed on T-shirts, shot glasses, post cards, key chains, magnets and posters. Local presses print photo books of the local animals and scenery, and produce video recordings of special events for a special type of Christmas Islander souvenirs.

Special Animals in Christmas Island

Christmas Island is an Australian territory located in the Indian Ocean, with 1,403 permanent residents, mostly of Australian origin. They are primarily located in settlements on the north of the island, protecting the original plants and animals from human disturbance. In fact, 2/3 of the island is designated as a National Park to prevent commercial activity. The island was uninhabited until the 19th century, so the species evolved in unique ways, creating never before seen variation in coloration and size of many relatively common animals. One item of particular note is the annual migration of the red Christmas Island crab. Ranks of these scarlet crabs cross highways, parks, and front lawns spawn in the sea in the late fall, creating somewhat of a nuisance for the human residents. Streets and sidewalks will be blocked off to protect the crabs on their journey, as these colorful arachnids are under government protection.

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