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Souvenirs from Chad

Souvenirs from the Republic of Chad are descriptive of the countries tribal and natural history, and will delight visitors seeking ways to describe their experiences back home. Leather goods, such as wallets, bags, journals, belts, jackets, vests and sculptures are very well priced here, in addition to ethnic beaded and silver jewelry. Carpets made from camel hair, ethnic pottery, inlaid trays and picture frames, and decorated dried gourds litter the marketplace and make unique Chadian souvenirs for friends and family. A truly distinctive gift would be an African mask, made from wood or rattan, perfect for that empty spot on the wall. Cotton clothing embellished with embroidery is a lovely way to remember your vacation every day. The adventurous might want to consider authentic tribal weapons. If you don't have the room in your luggage, key chains, posters, magnets, post cards and T-shirts are a much more portable reminder.

Chad: Climate, Flora and Fauna

Chad is host to a variety of plants and animals, each endemic to their particular climate. The Saharan region is a sweep of sand dunes that break on volcanic mountains and ranges of sandstone. Covering almost half of the country, the only plants that survive here are date trees. You may find some small mammals living in the desert, gathered around the oases that dot the landscape. The Sahelian region is still comparatively dry, with northern parts still very much a desert. In the southern parts, you will find acacia forests that provide shelter for birds and some primates. The Sudanic region, which ranges from savannah grasslands to thick forests, has the greatest amount of animals and plants. Over 250 bird species and 44 types of mammals make their home here, and 84 different varieties of trees. Many of the endangered species can be found on protected national reservations, keeping poachers at bay.

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