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Central African Republic

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Souvenirs from the Central African Republic (CAR)

The Central African Republic is a destination for adventure seekers, looking to connect with nature and animals. One of the most unique Central African souvenirs combines those elements with modern sensibilities to create art work. Butterfly wing collages are delicate examples of beauty, arranged in graphically pleasing motifs and designs. Drums are another popular craft, as they are musical instrument used most often in religious services and social events. They are created from any type of material found that will suit, resulting in many interesting looking examples. Wooden carvings of animals and people, typically done in ebony, is another worthy souvenir from the Central African Republic, alongside hand-woven baskets, boxes, trays and mats. Jewelry, whether made from handcrafted beads or glittering gold and gemstones, can easily find a space in your luggage. Of course, you will want to pick up lots of picture postcards, slogan key chains and T-shirts, and refrigerator magnets to share with your friends and family.

A Short Geography of the Central African Republic

The rolling savanna land of the Central African Republic is bordered by the nations of the South Sudan, Chad, Cameroon, Sudan, the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is the 42nd largest of the world's nations, at an area of around 622,000 square kilometers. The East Sudanian Savanna ecoregion flows through the northern half of the country, where the endangered African elephant roams. As you travel southwest, you'll find a few hills that break up the landscape, and to the northwest, there is the Yade Massif granite plateau. The major rivers that run through and border the Central African Republic are the Nile, the Congo, the Sangha and the Mbomou and Uele rivers that merge into the Ubangi. Only about 8% of the country has forest cover, and deforestation is a concern. In fact, there are lumber poaching laws to prevent further loss.

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