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Cape Verde

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Souvenirs from Cape Verde

Souvenirs from the Republic of Cape Verde are a great deal, since you will be expected to bargain on the handicrafts and treats found in the markets. Make sure to start low for the best prices. Carved wooden statues and toys featuring animals and people are quite lovely, and are a distinctive addition to any collection. Crocheted bed spreads, table clothes, napkins, place mats, doilies and scarves are quite popular amongst tourists, and would make lovely presents for family and friends. Batik work wall hangings and clothing, African masks, tribal weapons, and paintings done by local artists featuring landscapes and local scenes are some of the other options available to the tourist. A straw hat, basket or purse will add a sunny touch to your wardrobe, as well as shell jewelry. You can also find other items decorated with shells, such as boxes and picture frames, perfect for holding postcards. Don't forget the key chains, magnets and T-shirts.

A Short History of Cape Verde

The Cape Verde Islands have only been inhabited since the 1400's, when the Portuguese colonized them to use as a waypoint on their trade routes. For many centuries, the prosperity drew the attention of pirates and privateers, making the archipelago a target for attacks from the most famous, such as Sir Francis Drake. When the slave trade was outlawed in the 19th century, the fortunes of Cape Verde trended down, as there are few natural resources to exploit and the Portuguese no longer felt the need to invest in the colony. This discontent grew until 1975, when an independence movement finally succeeded in succession. The local of opportunities in the period leading up to independence forced a great many of the population to immigrate to other countries, but they are returning to fill jobs in the developing economy. Many of these jobs are in the service industry, taking advantage of the sunny beaches, warm weather and beautiful vistas.

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