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Zebra - One of the Most Popular African Wilderness Zebras with their distinctive black and white stripes actually belong to the horse family. The most interesting fact is the stripes on every zebra have a different pattern that is unique. Moreover, modern research and embryological evidence has foun..
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Welcome to Africa! This Vinyl Fridge Magnet Does Nothing "Butt" Welcome Since the fall of Apartheid in the early 1990s and especially since the success of the World Cup, South Africa has increasingly welcomed visitors from around the world. It is one of the wealthiest nations in Africa and offers ..
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Souvenirs from Cameroon

Cameroonian souvenirs are a fantastic way to share your travel memories with friends and family not lucky enough to join you. Enjoy sharpening your bargaining skills with the market merchants while looking over acres of handicrafts and memorabilia, and bring back postcards, key chains, T-shirts and magnets to give away to co-workers. You can choose from ethnic dresses, beautifully pieced jewelry made from precious metals and wood, or wooden men's ties, perfect for distinctive flair to a suit. Wooden tribal masks, such as used in ceremonies, are fantastic souvenirs from Cameroon, and animal sculptures made from stone, bronze and wood will look great on your bookcase. Obom paintings, made from tree sap, or oil paintings by local artists are a charming memento, and pottery vases and bowls can be an everyday reminder of your journey. For a fragrant memory, pick up spices and dried herbs to use in your cooking.

A Visitor's Guide to Cameroon

Cameroon is host to many intriguing places to visit for the traveler. A stop in the capital city of Yaounde reveals a taste of colonial history combined with modern business. Tour the Unity Palace and Pasteur Center to understand more about the struggles for freedom and life in this country, or take an architecture tour to see the lovely civil buildings and homes. The transportation hub of the country, and central Africa, Douala has many interesting markets to explore as you seek out souvenirs and adventures. The truly brave will want to take an expedition to Lake Nyos. In 1981, the small body of water released a poison gas cloud that killed almost 2000 people, one of only 3 known lakes capable of such a thing. It is considered relatively safe, but of great interest to the scientific community. If you are seeking a water adventure that poses fewer hazards to life and limb, there are 2 major beaches in Cameroon. Kribi Beach has pure white beaches with views of waterfalls, and the Limbe Beach is a volcanic beach, with black sand and lava flows.

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