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Bujumbura View on Acrylic Fridge Magnet Visit to shop for fantastic souvenirs of places across the world like the one shown above. This acrylic fridge magnet is a fantastic keepsake of Bujumbura, which is the capital of Burundi. The magnet displays a nice view of the city and wi..
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Souvenirs from Burundi

Souvenirs from Burundi are representative of the tribal traditions and history of this African country. Visitors will want to walk through the markets to experience the excitement of bartering for your goods. Basket weaving is an artisan specialty, and you can purchase them in many shapes and sizes for household and office use. Tribal masks and shields are a dramatic art form that has garnered admirers from around the world, and can provide you with years of enjoyment, displayed on your wall. Pottery in the form of vases, bowls and decorative objects are another way to share your vacation experiences, as well as beautiful beaded necklaces and earrings. Gold jewelry can be found for a good price, as well as leather objects and clothing. Perhaps your most favorite Burundian souvenirs will be the post cards, T-shirts, key chains, magnets, maps and visors, all imprinted with colorful images and local sayings.

Burundi's Plants and Animals

Burundi is a nation still learning how to use its natural resources and conserve them for future generations. Many of the forests that once existed within its borders have been cut down to make room for agricultural use, so the remaining acacia, oil palm, eucalyptus and fig trees are found bordering the lakes. With this deforestation, the habitat of many Burundian animals was lost. However, there are still many species that have learned to adapt to the new surroundings. Elephants, hippos, lions, antelopes, crocodiles, boars, and lemurs are all found in the land, and snipe, geese, duck, partridge, cranes, and guinea fowl are just a few of the species of 451 birds that use Burundi to breed. The large Lake Tanganyika is host to 133 species, such as Nile perch and freshwater sardines. The majority of the fish living in the lake cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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