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Burkina Faso

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Market in Burkina Faso on Acrylic Fridge Magnet Shown on this fridge magnet is a market in Burkina Faso. The magnet is an appropriate souvenir of the landlocked country located in West Africa. The magnet has a neat acrylic finish that makes it, both, durable as well as elegant looking. To purchase t..
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Souvenirs from Burkina Faso

Souvenirs from Burkina Faso are a great deal of fun to purchase and enjoy. Markets throughout the country offer traditional wares, in addition to the imprinted key chains, refrigerator magnets, pictorial post cards, and slogan T-shirts that tourists love. Bargaining is expected, so start low and look for amazing deals. Baskets and woven rugs are unique decorative items for the home, as well as hand carved chess sets, bone ashtrays, and bronze pieces. Tribal jewelry and trade beads are a way to adorn yourself with memories of your vacation, and to also share them with friends and family. There is a bourgeoning fine art scene in Burkina Faso, and original works in oil and acrylic make for an upscale Burkinabe souvenir. Leather clothing, sculptures, journals and other items can be found for reasonable prices, and hand carved statues, reflective of traditional motifs, are a must for the discerning traveler.

Dining in Burkina Faso

The cuisine of Burkina Faso is focuses on grains, vegetables and fish, with meat as a special treat. Traditional sweet fruits, like mangos, papayas, coconuts and plantains, are used to create main dishes, in addition to tasty desserts. Dishes containing fish are always paired with corn, beans and rice, for a traditional flavor. Fufu is a very common meal, made using eggplant, okra, corn, cassava, sweet potatoes, onions, tomatoes and turnips. You may also see it spelled foofoo. Stews are also popular, as well as porridges served with savory sauces called gombo, made with okra, or riz gras, when it is served over rice. Rural areas have access to chicken, and use eggs in many dishes. The meat of the chicken is considered a delicacy, and has a unique taste, due to the low body fat content of the birds in the region. Bananas are a very popular dessert item, as well as locally grown strawberries.

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