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Fridge Magnet of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque Those in search of an elegant and apt keepsake of Bandar Seri should look at this pretty acrylic fridge magnet of Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque. The latter is a spectacular Islamic mosque in the city. Bandar Seri is the capital city of the Sultana..
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Souvenirs from Brunei

Souvenirs from Brunei are a beautiful mix of traditional arts and crafts, based on organic materials and precious metals. The jong sarat is a traditional garment worn on formal occasions by men that is made with woven gold and silver threads. While you may not have a place to wear it back home, it can look smashing framed on your wall. Pandan leaves are made into baskets and mats, and are lightweight and sturdy. Miniatures of canons, temples, and landmarks, dinnerware, boxes, and jewelry are created from bronze, brass and silver, and are available in the markets. You can also find clothing, household items, jewelry and spices from the nearby countries of China, India and Taiwan at excellent prices, as well. A traditional dagger, called a Kris, maybe difficult to get through airport security, but you'll have no problems with picture magnets, figural key chains and Bruneian souvenir T-shirts.

Ecotourism in Brunei

Called the Nation of Brunei, Abode of Peace, you can imagine the wonders that Brunei can offer visitors. Ecotourism is a popular past time, visiting rainforest reserves full of exotice animals, flora and fauna via boat. Scuba diving is a real treat here, as it less popular with the crowds. The coral reefs and ship wrecks are in pristine condition, and have clear water ideal for visibility and picture taking. One popular dive site is the Big Rig, a decommissioned oil rig with 9 separate structure that each house one type of fish. It is recommended for experienced divers, though. The Blue Water Wreck, named for the vivid hue of the waters surrounding her, is a little easier to navigate for the novice. The easiest to reach is the Cement Wreck, a 92m Japanese freighter that lies upright on the ocean floor, at 30 meters. The Australian Wreck was sunk by a mine left over after WWII in 1949.

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