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British Virgin Islands

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Sunset View at British Virgin Islands on Acrylic Fridge Magnet British Virgin Islands (BVI) or the Virgin Islands are situated in the Caribbean towards the east of Puerto Rico. These islands are a British overseas territory and are part of the Virgin Islands archipelago along with the Spanish Virgin..
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British Virgin Islands and the Flag with the Saint This flag informs the viewer about the history of these islands that is intertwined with British history in the Americas. You can hang it on the corner of your fridge like a stamp and it should offer a bounty of inspiration. The flag features the c..
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British Virgin Islands: Wonder in the Caribbean Sea If you're looking to make your place homier, this travel souvenir from British Virgin Islands will make the trick. You don't need to analyze much; it is just charming and endearing as it pops out on these islands. They happen to be more than 40 and..
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What the Coast of Arms Of British Virgin Islands Tell A coat of arms can tell people quite a bit about the country that it corresponds to. In the Caribbean, they tend to give the impression that it is a place of colors and tranquil landscapes that are great for taking a break from the hustle and bus..
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Virgin Gorda: a Jewel of the Caribbean Sea Our perception of the world often starts at home but it follows in all the new territories you travel to. This souvenir from British Virgin Islands is a window into another world where vacations can feel like they never end. Virgin Gorda is an island prefer..
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Souvenirs from British Virgin Islands

The most popular souvenirs from the British Virgin Islands are the duty free luxury items, such as high end fashion, electronics, and crystal dinnerware. Generous limits on tax free purchases encourage a great deal of shopping. A more exotic memento might be a piece of pottery, decorated with native symbols. Looking for something slightly smaller? Consider picture postcards and refrigerator magnets, stamped key chains, or T-shirts with island names. Rum, a sugar cane distilled alcoholic drink, is a popular Virgin Islander souvenir, as it originates from the Caribbean Islands. Beauty products, infused with tropical scents and spices, are a delightful reminder of your vacation, and you can also purchase vanilla pods to use in your cooking. A signature piece of Virgin Islander jewelry is the hook and capture bracelet. You will find many variations of it in the shops, alongside shell jewelry and batik clothing, wall hangings and table linens.

The British Virgin Islands: Fun Facts and Things to Do

The British Virgin Islands, or officially the Virgin Islands, is a British territory that has been held for almost 500 years. There are 55 separate islands, but only 15 of them are inhabited. Tortola has the capital city of Road Town, and 18,000 of the 22,000 population. The term British Virgin Islands is a fairly recent invention, and is used to distinguish these islands from the American Virgin Islands. For those visiting the islands, many pleasurable activities await. Scuba diving and snorkeling the azure waters, horseback riding on the beach, sailing through the archipelago, hiking through tropical forests... these are just a few of the outdoor sports you can enjoy. For those seeking a more luxurius experience, miles of shopping in the air conditioned malls and outdoor markets await. After a long day of shopping or adventuring, enjoy spa treatments based on the local plants and sea minerals, or partake of spicy Caribbean food.

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