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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Sarajevo Skyline on Acrylic Fridge Magnet The capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo. It is the biggest city of the country and houses a population of more than 321000 people. The city is located in the Sarajevo valley in Bosnia and is bordered by the Dinaric Alps; the Miljacka River flo..
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Souvenirs from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visitors to Bosnia and Herzegovina are highly recommended to take advantage of all the many wonderful opportunities to experience the culture formed through generations of climatic history. A lovely piece of woodwork, such as a jewelry box, tray, or figural carving, will be a delight for many years, or you may wish to purchase folk themed Christmas ornaments by the boxful. Copper cookware, including pots, pans, molds, and tea and coffee sets, can provide a European accent to any kitchen, and a bottle of plum brandy is an excellent hostess gift and Bosnian souvenir. Textiles are a specialty of this region, especially delicately embroidered table linens and women's blouses. Leatherwork, including shoes, purses, belts and wallets, can be found for wonderful prices in a variety of styles. Of course, nothing can beat the colorful images and fun slogans found on sheaves of pictorial postcards, key chains and refrigerator magnets for souvenirs from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Things to Do in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The people of the Bosnia and Herzegovina are one of the best reasons to visit the country, with a welcoming attitude and easy manner. The infrastructure makes it easy to travel between cities and historical landmarks on regular bus routes and highways. There are several UNESCO heritage sites, such as the Memed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge and Stari Most and Old Town Mostar, and the World War II monument at Preijedor. You can also tour the Shrine of Medugorie, a famous Catholic pilgrimage site, or one of the many castles built by the Ottomans. There are also many spectacular mosques to view. Sarajevo is referred to as the Jerusalem of Europe, and is the hub of Bosnia and Herzegovina's scientific, commercial and cultural communities. For the nature lover, there are many forests, rivers, valleys, caves and waterfalls to explore and enjoy, or you can spend the warmer months on the beach, enjoying the Adriatic Sea.

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