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Souvenir of Belarus: Acrylic Fridge Magnet of Minsk Minsk is not only the largest but is also the capital city of Belarus. It is located on the Niamiha and Svislach Rivers and serves as the administrative hub of the Commonwealth of Independent States, also known as CIS. Because Minsk is the capital ..
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Souvenirs from Belarus

Visitors to the Republic of Belarus can find many charming souvenirs as they tour the country. A very indicative gift is the Matryoshka. Comprised of 6 or more figures, this nesting doll set is a true work of art. Complexly painted Matryoshkas in traditional Belarusian dress are a true treasure to share with your loved ones. Straw weaving is another unique craft, one that has achieved a recent resurgence. In earlier generations, women would weave and wear straw tiaras. Today, you can purchase woven handbags and hats for self-decoration, and small animals, dolls, trays and Christmas ornaments for your home. Linen is another high quality Belarusian souvenir. Consider buying hand embroidered dresses and blouses, made in a folk style, or visit Minsk for a table cloth. Naturally, other souvenirs from Belarus include post cards, key chains, T-shirts, fridge magnets, tote bags and posters emblazoned with the country's name or a pastoral scene.

Belarus: An Invitation to Dinner

Belarusian food is based on a partnership between the land and cultural influences. Due to the country's position in Europe, you will find influences from Poland and Russia. Potatoes are an essential part of the diet, as well as beets, barley and mushrooms. Dinner in Belarus may consist of an appetizer of chopped beet or cabbage salad, perhaps, or soup and rye bread. A most iconic soup is Borscht, made from beets. The main course could be based on potatoes, baked into a pie, or draniki, potato pancakes. Stuffed chicken and pork stew are other popular dinner options. We mustn't forget the tasty pirozhkis, stuffed with meat and cabbage. Desserts are usually made of a combination of sweet fruits and dairy, such as strawberries, cranberries and ice cream. On occasion, you will also enjoy cakes. Belarusian drinks include kompot, a type of sweet berry juice served cold, and kvas, created from fermenting bread. Vodka is the most popular hard liquor, and is distilled from grains.

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