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Barbados and its History Just by checking out this travel souvenir from Barbados, you can feel how it can be truly emblematic. You get a certain sense of community and even heritage. It dates from 1966 when Barbados got its independence. This shows in the broken tridents that symbolizes the end of i..
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Barbados Irradiates Culture This travel souvenir from Barbados can provide a bit of contrast for not only your home, but your climate or your particular region, and at the same time, it is a great way to exhibit some culture in your home. It is no wonder as it introduces the viewer into the intrigui..
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Souvenirs from Barbados

Visitors to Barbados will enjoy the warm tropical air, crystal blue seas and the friendly nature of the residents. A taste of this hospitality can be found in the food souvenirs from Barbados, including rich rum cakes, pepper sauces, spices and bottles of rum. Leather goods, such as bags, belts, wallets, and purses, can be found for excellent prices here, in addition to brightly colored batik fabric wall hangings and clothes. You may wish to continue the beach theme at home, by purchasing a hammock for your back yard, or a dried puffer fish lamp. Beautiful jewelry created from shells, coconut pieces and ceramic beads are a lovely choice for Barbadian souvenirs, in addition to pottery. You can stop into many workshops to see how the artisans create their crafts, and pick up pieces directly from them. Finally, no vacation is complete without postcards, T-shirts, magnets and key chains to commemorate your experience.

Barbados Things to Do

Barbados offers a slew of activities for the tourist that take advantage of the natural resources on the island. Naturally, beach activities such as volleyball, shell collecting and sun bathing are tops on the to-do list. Why not visit each of the beaches on the island? You will enjoy different views, vendors and people at each one. Body surfing and boogie boarding are easy beginner sports, but you can also take surfing lessons from pros in Barbados. The Soup Bowl is famous for its ideal surfing conditions, and is also great for wind surfing and jet skiing. Prefer to let someone else do the hard work? Take a cruise around the island, and enjoy the blue waters, sunny skies and green land. Back on land, you can tour a rum factory, and learn how this Caribbean alcohol is made and taste a sample or two. There are also many off road trails for the adventurous to enjoy and see a new perspective on the country.

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