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Souvenirs from Bahrain

Souvenirs from the Kingdom of Bahrain are a fun way to share the excitement of your vacation. Pottery, made using the same traditions and ancient kilns for centuries, can provide an intriguing element to a table setting. The basket weavers of Karbabad create exquisitely detailed works of art and utility out of palm fronds, such as baskets, mats and wall hangings. Woven tapestries, worked on manual looms, that depict historical and religious themes are another way to connect to the culture. Beautiful pieces of calligraphy, stained glass and mosaics are lovely decorations to share as Bahraini souvenirs. Pieces of embroidered silk made into pillows, and crocheted dollies, scarves and tablecloths created by local women make lovely gifts, as well as intricately worked gold and silver jewelry. Pieces of woodwork, such as boxes, trays, and small pieces of furniture are a lasting memento, and perfect for placing your picture postcards and key chains on.

Things to Do in Bahrain

There are many fascinating places to visit in Bahrain, including the Lost Paradise of Dilmun water park. It is the largest waterpark in the Middle East, and is 77,000 acres of manmade oasis with slides, pools and fountains. If you prefer more intellectual pursuits, the Oil Museum shows the history of the oil industry in the Gulf and has a working oil rig. The Bahrain National Museum is the country's collection of antiquities, dating back 9000 years. Beit Al Qur'an, located in Hoora, is an archive of Islamic literature and art, and is also notable for its beautiful architecture. For military and history buffs, a stop at the Bahrain Fort, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must, even if only to see the oldest foundations that date to approximately 2500 BCE. Two other forts were built within the past 600 years, but are no less interesting: Arad Fort, built before the 17th century, and the 19th century Riffa Fort.

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