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Asian Souvenirs

Mysterious and exotic, Asia offers a host of different destinations, from the land of the samurai - Japan - to South Korea, China, Myanmar, and the Philippines. The curving roofs and gables of pagodas, highly decorated elephants, the poised asymmetry of a Japanese bonsai - all make a statement that calls up the same intriguing images that appealed so strongly to Marco Polo centuries ago, and which still appeal so deeply to today's travelers despite the relentless advance of modernity.

Asian mythological and artistic themes lend themselves to good Asian souvenirs, too. Chinese dragons, with their coiling bodies and 'bearded' appearance, are instantly recognizable. A simple picture of a carp or a hare, rendered in the Asian artistic style, gives a glimpse into the Orient as well.

Interestingly, the Chinese porcelain imported to Europe during the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance represents some of the world's first true tourist goods - a tradition being carried on with keychains and fridge magnets today!

Asian Buddhism, Religion, and Souvenirs

Buddhism was largely driven from its original home - India - by the Mogul conquerors of the 16th and 17th centuries, and found its refuge in other lands which had adopted it, those of the far east. Countless Buddhist temples and monasteries are found throughout this region, and there are many fine statues of the Buddha and other Buddhist themes in the area as well, including some of the world's greatest art treasures relating to this faith.

The peaceful, contemplative image of the Buddha seated in the lotus position makes a graceful image on any plate, keychain, or t-shirt, and instantly calls up the ancient mystery of the East and its religions. Japanese Shinto divinities, demons, goblins, and other figures can make interesting subjects for Asian souvenir collectors, too.

Our online store includes a full range of Asian souvenirs of all kinds, both temporal and spiritual. Bring a touch of the ancient, inscrutable Orient to your home with these souvenirs and see a daily reminder of why you should start planning your next trip to the east.

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