There are all sorts of things that people like to collect, from stamps and coins, to garden gnomes and model cars. Fridge magnet collectors are in a class of their own, comprised of people from all walks of life who enjoy the sheer limitless bounty of a collection with such vast opportunity for building a larger and larger collection over the years. There are so many different kinds of fridge magnets to choose from, and there are many people that are devoted to expanding their collections of different types of refrigerator magnets. For example, one lady in Nevada has had her collection recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

World Record Holding Fridge Magnet Collection – 45,000 Magnets!

Fondly nicknamed “The Magnet Lady” by friends and neighbors, Louise J. Greenfarb of Henderson, Nevada, started collecting novelty refrigerator magnets in the 1970s. When interviewed by CBS News in June of 2013, Mrs. Greenfarb told reporters that her collection “always makes me happy.” With close to 45,000 fridge magnets stuck to metal surfaces all over her home, The Magnet Lady must be one happy lady indeed.

“It's like they are a photo album of my life,” Mrs. Greenfarb stated. She's been picking up different kinds of refrigerator magnets wherever she went for the past forty years, and says each magnet represents something she enjoys, somewhere she's traveled, or just something she finds interesting. Her collection includes about 500 magnets on her actual refrigerator, with the other 4,000 displayed on places like the back of her front door, the sides of filing cabinets, and specially made magnetic display boards.

Unique Refrigerator Magnets

Advertising is a fundamental purpose behind the production of many types of fridge magnets, and Mrs. Greenfarb's collection includes many antique collectible magnetic advertisements. For instance, one of her favorites is a McDonald's hamburgers magnet advertising the iconic burger for 15 cents. Her collection features Coca Cola advertisements, Budweiser, the Pillsbury Doughboy and many other long-lived commercial magnets.

Movie and television productions and celebrities form another aspect of collectible refrigerator magnets. Miscellaneous themes like antique cars, fruit, animals, flowers and political campaign magnets are other parts of collecting the magnetic novelties.

Travel Fridge Magnets Bring Memories and Dreams

One favorite part of collecting fridge magnets for many people is gathering magnets that represent different cities and countries around the world. Travelers enjoy gathering a collection of fridge magnets that display the flags of countries they've visited, or that depict photographs of some of those locations. World Wide Gifts is especially proud of their fridge magnet collection, which encompasses travel magnets representing over 250 countries around the world.

They come in all shapes and sizes, and include picture magnets, flag magnets, and molded resin magnets made to represent various symbolic items from different locations. This diverse selection is a dream come true for fridge magnet collectors who are looking to emulate Mrs. Greenfarb and form the biggest collection possible. The many choices are also great for people who just like to keep mementos from the places they visit on their travels or from places they plan to visit or dream of visiting in the future.