Souvenirs from France

There are 39 historical regions (provinces) in France. Each has its own character, but everyone has a common zest for life. For a tourist, this means that a variety of French souvenirs can be purchased almost endlessly. Here is a temptation that is so pleasant to succumb to; in fact, compared to haute couture clothes or a box of real champagne, spending is completely trifling! Interest in cute little things has persisted for years, and whole collections began to emerge and grow. What are they made of?

What topics cannot be ignored when talking about souvenirs from France? In our opinion, the TOP-10 should look like this.

Parisian life

Even those who have never been to Paris know about the existence of Notre Dame Cathedral, the Opera, Versailles, Les Invalides, around which the plots of classical French literature unfold. Also, Montmartre cannot be ignored - the place where the very concept of contemporary art was born. This area, from the Sacre Coeur Cathedral to the Moulin Rouge cabaret, can be imagined as an entire small world. The Champs Elysees is the "axis of Paris"; all the luxury of the French capital is concentrated here. On the Champs Elysees, in one of the cabarets, the career of the young Edith Piaf began who had been singing just on the streets. Of course, the Eiffel Tower, a symbol of the city and an outstanding engineering structure can be seen even from the outskirts of Paris and stands out on the list of attractions.

Souvenirs from France (Paris) 01
Souvenirs from France (Paris) 02

Images of Parisian standard landmarks can be found on the most unexpected objects, right down to socks.

Speaking of socks! Let us not go deep into the jungle of high fashion; let's focus on accessories. It is in accessories, according to legends, that the main Parisian chic lies. The main thing is that they are not cheap and have to be right for you, just like perfume. However, even if you did not have time to acquire the perfect accessories, nothing will prevent you from enjoying the famous French cuisine. There are many cafes in Paris where you can go down for morning coffee and a croissant even in your pajamas.

For those who are in the city for a long time and can afford unhurried walks, we recommend going to the flea market where you can find old vinyl records with real French songs, antique candlesticks, boxes, and other rarities.

  • What to remember: art and paintings, various cuisines, perfume, accessories, flea markets, French songs.
  • What to buy: cookbooks and art albums, perfumes, scarves, berets, antiques, and vintage items.


This is no longer just a Parisian landmark; it is a world heritage building that deserves a separate story. The former residence of the French kings has today become one of the major museums in the world and is the residence of La Gioconda, the most mysterious work of Leonardo da Vinci. In total, the Louvre collection contains about 6,000 paintings and 130,000 graphic works. Counting all the area of several floors, the exposition occupies the area of 22 football fields. Every connoisseur and lover of fine art can find something interesting here for himself personally - not only the Mona Lisa, but Venus de Milo. Do not even think about going around the Louvre in one day. They say that even if you spend one second on each exhibit and are not distracted, it will take 10 hours.

Souvenirs from France (Paris, Louvre) 01
Souvenirs from France (Paris, Louvre) 02

Albums with high-quality reproductions of exhibits will help those who are limited in time; they can be bought in the museum store. For those who perceive the classics with humor, there are stationary, T-shirts, bags with fragments of famous paintings.

  • What to remember: La Gioconda, Venus de Milo, glass pyramid in front of the building.
  • What to buy: books on art, souvenirs with the symbols of the Louvre, reproductions in one form or another.

Loire Valley

There are as many as 76 castles in the Loire Valley! Most of them are medieval, but some were built during the Renaissance. Is it any wonder that the entire valley was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List without much fuss?

Here you can feel like a hero of French fairy tales: it is in these scenes that the peasants would easily have shouted about the possessions of the Marquis Carabas. There is a souvenir with a picture of a castle for everyone.

Souvenirs from France (Loire Valley) 01
Souvenirs from France (Loire Valley) 02

Do not forget that the Loire is a wine-growing region; be sure to go wine tasting or sit in a restaurant with a glass or two of wine.


This province is in the northwest of France and is famous for its history and sights. There are many apple orchards and fields of cows grazing. So, cider, calvados, camembert, and delicious milk toffee are sure to be your companions in your visit to Norman. Add sea air, breathtaking views, and captivating legends.

In Bayeux, a must-see museum of one exhibit - the Bayeux Tapestry (the carpet of Queen Matilda), which depicts the story of William the Conqueror. This is a huge, long canvas for which an entire building has been built. Once a year, the tapestry is brought out to the square for public viewing. Some depictions on the tapestry are now replicated on souvenirs - from ballpoint pens to mini rugs.

On the way to the Bayeux Tapestry, take a turn around the Abbey of Mont Saint Michel, which was built on a cliff amid quicksand. Climbing the steep stairs to the very top, you can relax in small cafes and refresh yourself with delicious local pastries or choose a piece of high-quality sailor-styled clothing in the shops.

  • What to remember: sea, military traditions, weaving, milk, apples.
  • What to buy: vests, figurines of knights, tapestries, cheeses, toffee, calvados.

French Riviera

It's no secret that in France, the practicality in French minds is not to forget about yourself, and it is considered bad form to stay late at the office. The French make sure there is a reason for a little relaxation every day - a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, or a friendly conversation. It all makes us wonder what a "great" French vacation would be.

The Cote d'Azur is primarily known as a place where the world's elite spend their leisure time. Souvenirs from Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez will appeal to those who love symbols historical hotels, luxury villas, expensive yachts, and sports cars. If you prefer a simpler setting, head along the same Cote d'Azur to Marseille.

  • What to remember: luxury, cinemas, auto racing, yachts, seafood, pastry shops.
  • What to buy: models of boats and cars, sweets.


The largest port on the Mediterranean is a bustling cosmopolitan city where everyone can indulge in the freshest seafood, sunbathing, and a great social mood.

The main attraction of Marseille is walking through the markets in the Old Port area. Here you can also taste the famous bouillabaisse fish soup and drink local beer. The main object in any souvenir shop in Marseille is a ceramic cricket, the symbol of the city. The second must-have souvenir is olive oil soap, which has been brewed in Marseilles for 500 years. And the third is boat cookies. Marseille is part of the historical region of Provence, but that is a slightly different topic.

  • What to remember: markets, fish, bouillabaisse, faience.
  • What to buy: Marseilles soap, lucky shells, beer mugs, cookies, cricket figurines.


This historical area is famous for its access to the sea, views of the Alps, vineyards, olive groves, but most importantly, for its meadows and fields. Lavender, poppies, sunflowers, aromatic herbs are all symbols of Provence. Despite the fact that there are many interesting cities in Provence, the villages create the main attraction; 18 of them are members of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in France.

Souvenirs from France (Provence) 01
Souvenirs from France (Provence) 02

The symbol of Provence is a cicada, and its image can be bought in any souvenir shop. Half-meter wooden cicadas with bright painted colors meant to be hung on the wall are especially attractive.

  • What to remember: Provencal herbs, lavender, cicadas, olive groves, interiors, impressionist paintings.
  • What to buy: spices, decorative pillows, curtains and tablecloths, scented sachets, rose wine, cicadas, handmade cosmetics and perfumes, olive oil, souvenirs from the Van Gogh Museum.


Burgundy is the main wine and gastronomic region of France, located in the heart of the country. It is difficult to comprehend the entire wine list here; a visit to the Museum of Burgundy Wines in the former residence of the Burgundian Dukes in the city of Beaune will help.

It is convenient to travel around Burgundy by renting a bike. The best white wine in Europe is made in the old village of Meursault; cassis currant liqueur can be bought everywhere. Be careful with French cheeses as they are very odorous, and at room temperature can kill your suitcase and all the things in it, at least for a while. Do not forget to put the cheeses in the refrigerator!

  • What to remember: wine, cassis, Dijon mustard, cheeses, bicycle, Dukes of Burgundy.
  • What to buy: wine accessories, a handful of wine corks, "antique" items, your photos in medieval costumes, a piece of cheese.

Alsace and Lorraine

These neighboring regions have long been the subject of disputes between France and Germany, so the local flavor has a slight German accent. For example, in Lorraine, besides wine, plum schnapps is also popular. It is here that Vittel mineral water is mined, and where Baccarat crystal and Villeroy & Bosch porcelain are produced. And in Alsace, they make gingerbread men and brown pretzels, just like in Germany. Commerce in these regions is usually concentrated in small shops; there are very few shiny shopping centers.

  • What to remember: schnapps, crystal, porcelain, gingerbread.
  • What to buy: dishes and home interior items, gingerbread gift sets.


Corsica is an island region and the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. It is famous for sea views, rocky landscapes, and a turbulent history. The flag of Corsica depicts the head of a moor wearing a white band. According to one version, the island changed hands so often that its inhabitants began to compare themselves with black slaves who were constantly being resold.

Chestnuts are widely used in local cuisine: they are ground into flour, baked, and even brewed into chestnut beer.

If we talk about the atmosphere, there is not even a shadow of Provencal tranquility. Corsicans are famous for their explosive temperament. If you decide to go shopping, be sure to bargain as it is customary here. Refuse to buy corals; they can be fake, and the real ones can be confiscated at customs.

  • What to remember: Napoleon, wars, temperament, chestnuts.
  • What to buy: souvenir cocked hats, statuettes and busts of the Emperor, Corsican knives, liqueurs, a bag of chestnut flour.

French World Wide Gifts collection of souvenirs

For our clients, we have collected many souvenirs from France and are constantly adding to the collection. We are interested in finding special things for you that carry a positive vibe and a uniquely French style.

Refrigerator magnets

We have dozens of polystone magnets in our store with a wide variety of French symbols - from delicacies to architectural monuments. And the number of flat photo magnets is approaching one hundred. But even if you decide to more than a few and add a metal magnet in the form of a map of France, the space on your refrigerator will most likely be enough. There is no reason to deny yourself the purchase.

Fridge Magnet Souvenir from France - Eiffel Tower
Fridge Magnet Souvenir from France - Paris Collage
Fridge Magnet Souvenir from France - Attractions 01
Fridge Magnet Souvenir from France - Attractions 02

Decorative plates

Several sights or symbols are often replicated on French plates, united by one theme, for example, views of the abbey of Mont Saint Michel. Thus, one souvenir can recall a whole excursion in your memory.

Collectible houses and accessories

The charm of the French streets is impossible to resist, and why? After all, you can get great pleasure by placing a copy of a Parisian or Provencal house on a shelf or writing desk, or maybe even more than one. Place a miniature bench or a tree on your desk - and in front of you is again a lovely street, where you can travel in your imagination. If you prefer a more austere romance, pay attention to the miniature cathedrals, fortresses, and forts.

Decorative bells

The bell is a sociable souvenir, it asks to be held in your hand and loves to show off in front of guests. On it, like on a plate, a whole collage is usually depicted - for example, views of Paris or Nice.


A story about French souvenirs would be incomplete without mentioning our culinary collection - magnets with images of delicacies. We are always glad to remind you of those simple joys that are so loved both in France and all over the world!

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