Souvenir Plates from All Over the Globe

Decorative souvenir plates are a tourist item with a long history, stretching back to the end of the medieval period when imported porcelain from China was rare, valuable, and usually confined to the households of the wealthy.

A plate hanging on your wall, supported by a wire hanger, or standing on a shelf is a bold statement of your globetrotting ways. Plates come in a variety of different materials and offer ample space for evocative artistic renditions of famous buildings and places.

What to do with your Souvenir Plates

You have several options for displaying your souvenir plates from Asia, America or elsewhere in the world, as well as any other crockery such as mugs, teapots, and so on. You can attach wire hangers to them, which allow them to be hung from nail or hook on the wall in much the same way as a painting.

You can place them in specially designed stands that hold them upright at an angle, so that they can be put on mantlepieces, tables, or anywhere else they will fit into your decor. They can be put on shelves or in glass-fronted cabinets to provide a stylish display that conjures up images and memories of the fascinating foreign locales they represent. You can even eat off them if you don't object to risking damage or wear to the imagery on your cherished memento.

Buying souvenir plates from Europe and other foreign countries through our online store not only opens up the chance to own some distinctive crockery from Germany, Spain, China, the United States, Brazil, or wherever else takes your fancy without actually needing to go there, but it also spares you the problems of bringing porcelain, ceramic, or glass plates back in your luggage, where these items will add to the weight of your bag and might break as well.

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