Iconic Imagery & Notable Travel Destinations Captured on Keepsake Resin Magnets

All around the world you will find amazing landmarks and fantastic sights that attract visitors from other lands to come and see the outstanding scenery or historical structure. Throughout the ages, these interesting and fascinating attractions have magnetically drawn the curious and intrepid traveler bent on exploration. You may even make your home near one of these iconic landmarks, or you have plans to visit such a place and see for yourself what makes it so extraordinary. Whether you have already been so fortunate as to visit one of these exciting landmarks or you are dreaming of some future holiday, you will certainly enjoy seeing an image of your favorite travel attraction on a daily basis when you add one of our colorful, high-quality souvenir resin magnets to your fridge magnet collection.

Our internet souvenir store offers a wide range of keepsake resin refrigerator magnets representing numerous travel destinations from all over the planet. With hundreds of three dimensional souvenir resin magnets in our collection, you are certain to find one that perfectly represents your favorite travel destination. In fact, if you don't find a great souvenir from your country of choice already included in our keepsake collection, we hope you'll contact us and let us know so we can add your country and /or travel attraction to our growing inventory.

Resin Magnets from World Wide Gifts Make Great Travel Souvenirs

Traditionally, whenever someone goes on holiday they tend to buy souvenir gifts for friends and family who stayed behind. Travelers also like to buy souvenirs for themselves so they can have a keepsake to remember their vacation and the wonderful time they had visiting and exploring different places. However, buying souvenirs from various landmarks and attractions can become a costly, time-consuming and inconvenient process. Travelers often find themselves being overcharged for trinkets, and then they have to be concerned with making room in their luggage or even having to ship the souvenir items back home.

Resin magnets from World Wide Gifts are perfect souvenirs for the busy traveler who would prefer to actually enjoy his vacation rather than waste time searching for keepsakes and souvenir gifts. These colorful images can be conveniently and inexpensively ordered from our online store and delivered right to your home in a matter of days. You don't have to worry about forgetting to pick up a souvenir for one of your relatives who expects some trinket from your trip, and you don't have to bother with cramming gifts into your suitcase and hoping you can get through customs without too much hassle. Just go online, peruse our outstanding collection of resin fridge magnets, and order as many as you'd like!

Collectible Resin Fridge Magnets: What Are They and How Are They Made?

Resin fridge magnets may be the most popular souvenir items offered in our online store. They are three- dimensional, magnetized sculptures of various notable attractions and famous landmarks from all around the world. The artist chooses an iconic image representing a particular country or travel destination, and creates a resin fridge magnet based on that attraction.

Resin fridge magnets begin as a hand-sculpted figurine designed by an artist and molded by hand using soft clay. This sculpture is then used to make a latex or silicone rubber mold for resin casting. Resin is commonly a thermosetting liquid epoxy that is mixed with a synthetic polymer that causes the resin to harden and hold the shape of the mold. The most simple method of resin casting is gravity casting, where the liquid resin is poured into the rubber mold and settles down into all the various hollows and crevices of the mold by gravity. Air bubbles can be removed by vibration, by centrifugal force or by using a vacuum chamber. Then, once the resin figure has hardened and been removed from the mold, the artist hand-paints the sculpture with beautiful, vibrant colors.

The final step in creating the collectible resin fridge magnet is to attach the magnet to the reverse side.

In addition to these beautiful souvenir resin fridge magnets, resin casting can be used to make many collectible and customized toys, figurines, and scale models of trains, cars, and aircraft.

Resin Fridge Magnets from World Wide Gifts

These creative, sculpted collectible magnets are wonderful souvenirs from your travels or from your traveling wish list. They are small and lightweight, ranging in size from 1 ½”-5” x 1 ½” - 5” (3 cm – 12 cm x 2 cm – 12 cm.) Because of the various shapes of the sculpted imagery, the thickness of each magnet includes dimensions ranging from 2/8” thick to 1½”.

These lightweight and durable souvenir magnets can be displayed on any metallic surface. In addition to hanging your collectible worldwide resin magnets on your refrigerator, you could also display your collection on tool boxes, filing cabinets, metal doors and other metal surfaces.

Treasure Your Vacation Memories for Years to Come

For the seasoned traveler or for the tourist on a dream vacation, these outstanding souvenirs are both treasured keepsakes and marvelous gifts for family and friends. You won't have to bother with wasting holiday time in crowded souvenir booths paying high prices for baubles, and don't worry about forgetting someone on your souvenir gift list. No matter where in the world you have traveled, plan to travel or just dream of traveling, there is a great souvenir resin magnet representing the most popular attractions from that destination.

Spend a few minutes browsing through the available selection in our online souvenir store and pick out a few of your favorite resin fridge magnets today. New items are being added all the time and we already offer hundreds of choices from countries all around the world. You'll find great resin fridge magnets representing gorgeous natural scenery, important historical structures and many other iconic and notable attractions at www.world-wide-gifts.com.