My name is Alberto, and yes, I am not Italian, I am Mexican, but oh yeah, I have learned to love many things of Italy since I moved here several years ago, one of them: “Fridge Magnets!”. In Mexico, we like to get some souvenirs when we travel for vacations or when we have a very fantastic destination and we want to get a good memory, but in Italy, I learned to see that thing differently. When I arrived in Palermo, I started to see in my friend's houses that they used to collect fridge magnets, but to be honest, those magnets were very artistic, compared to the ones I saw before, and I said - Wow! That looks really nice, I should get one for me. And there my love for magnets started, I had the opportunity to go to many cities in Italy and each time I was chasing the best magnet, not only from the big cities but also from small towns, they have good ones. When I started to travel to other countries for work, I obviously couldn’t miss my chance to get international magnets. I think it is part of the Sicilian culture to have a magnet from every single place you visit, but I really enjoy being part of that. I can say that my collection is not the biggest I know, but hey! I am 29 and I have a lot of places to visit, I am starting to wonder if my fridge will be big enough in the future, who knows!

An author of the story - Alberto Lira. Written exclusively for World Wide Gifts.

Magnets on the fridge. Picture of Alberto Lira