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Fridge magnets make a delightful addition to any souvenir enthusiast's collection - and for a very good reason. Their size makes them easy collectibles, whilst their vibrantly colorful portrayals of memorable landmarks and places makes them an enjoyable way to mark the journeys you have made to different parts of the world. Apart from the more popular tourist attractions, at you can pick from a fridge magnet collection that also includes local memorabilia. Do you remember making a phone call to a loved one from the Quintessential English Red Phone Booth? Want a keepsake from the magnificent bull fights in Spain? You can find magnets reminiscent of both at our internet store.

Your Own Personal Fridge Magnet Collection

Apart from making great decorative gifts or tourist souvenirs, fridge magnets are also fun and hassle-free objects to collect. In fact, many people become avid collectors of fridge magnets because of their aesthetic appeal. They give everyone a chance to bring some excitement into their home by picking a magnet that depicts a scenic landscape or impressive skyscraper, that might actually be located halfway around the world from them. Fridge magnets are always there on your fridge to remind you all day long that it is never too late to plan that trip you have always wanted to take, giving you an opportunity to dream and look forward to such adventures.

You can also make practical use of your fridge magnet collection at the same time as livening up a plain and boring surface with them. Just because they are collectibles, does not mean that they are useless! Fridge magnets are used in many households to keep track of important items like bills, reminders, shopping lists and invitations; things we often leave places where they can get lost. They are also a wonderful way to put up the artwork that your children make especially for you or an exemplary report card that makes you proud of them. By sorting out papers that will otherwise just be lying around and using a magnet to hold them in place, you will conveniently remove clutter from your kitchen or dining space as well.

A Short History of the Fridge Magnet

The earliest fridge magnets were created entirely as items of utility, usually in the form of plain circular or square shapes. People made use of these by putting them behind notepads to jot down lists or on hooks for hanging things that were used regularly. Around the 1960s, fridge magnets came to serve educational purposes in the form of plastic numbers or letters attached to a flat square magnet. They were frequently used in both schools and homes to teach young children. The 1990s saw magnets being attached to complete individual words that could be used to create ‘magnetic poetry', an activity where they were creatively rearranged to make slogans or other kinds of written statements.

William Zimmerman of St. Louis obtained the first patent for fridge magnets in the 1970s. He patented the idea of them being used in the form of colored cartoon magnets to add a decorative flair to their convenience. From there on, fridge magnets have become an irresistible collector's item, with almost any kind imaginable being available in the market.

Collectors of Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are so wildly popular nowadays that they are not only collected by a wide number of people but also have entire communities and forums dedicated to them. These are online discussion hubs where fridge magnet hobbyists come together to share photographs of their collections, look for magnets that are unusual or hard to find to add to their collection and give lots of tips for where to find the best fridge magnets. If you are someone who has developed a newfound interest in these joyful and easy to collect objects, you might want to look at these communities and share your interests with others like you.

Collectors have a wide variety of subjects and materials to choose from when it comes to fridge magnets. They are made from everything ranging from plastic sleeves, wood cutouts, ceramics, metal buttons, to laminated or printed flexible magnetic surfaces. You also have the option of getting into the fridge magnet game by making your own personal ones. Custom made or hand painted fridge magnets are a great way to create party favors that commemorate special occasions like weddings- and what better wedding favors for a destination wedding than a magnet of its exotic location.

A fridge magnet collection can be based on a particular theme or cover anything that catches the collectors fancy. For example, some popular categories are historical magnets, sport magnets, floral magnets and advertising magnets. Most collectors choose to collect any magnets that they find unusual, interesting or significant in any other way and even hold fridge magnet conventions.

Fascinating Facts about Fridge Magnets

  1. The largest fridge magnet collection in the world belongs to Louise J. Greenfarb from Las Vegas, who was inducted into the Guinness World Records in 1997 with a count of 19,300 fridge magnets. An unofficial count of her collection in January 2009 was reported to be at 40,000 fridge magnets plus 10,000 copies that she keeps to trade with other collectors.
  2. When paired with a Smart Cover, the iPad 2 doubles as the world's most expensive fridge magnet, with the combined cost of both items being $538.
  3. Fridge magnets are used on an estimated 80% of household refrigerators.
  4. Despite fridge magnets being a popular collector's item, there is no official term for magnet collecting. However, a Russian collector has proposed the term metamagnetics.
  5. Refrigerator magnets are constructed differently than regular magnets to provide twice the magnetism on one side whilst keeping the picture side non-magnetic.