Memorable Imagery from Global Tourist Attractions Depicted on Vinyl Magnets

Planet Earth is a marvelous place filled with incredible sights and fascinating scenery that attracts the adventurous and the curious from every country. As long as men have traveled the globe, they have been drawn to the extraordinary natural wonders and the spectacular manmade feats of engineering that inspire awe and amazement. Regardless of where on earth you live, there is probably one of these worldwide points of interest nearby - in fact, you may have already visited such a place. These kinds of notable landmarks are what attract adventurous travelers to visit a new country, and if you have plans for such a travel adventure, or if you‘ve already made a trip to such an exotic locale, then you most likely want to have some kind of keepsake to memorialize your adventure.

World Wide Gifts offers a fantastic collection of souvenirs from countries and attractions all around the globe, and our flexible vinyl fridge magnets are a special favorite for those seeking great souvenirs and travel gifts. There are hundreds of these fantastic travel souvenirs available from our online store, and more are being included in the collection every day. If you've been somewhere interesting or exciting and you don't see a souvenir to represent your trip, just contact us and let us know so we can be sure and add your favorite destination to our souvenir collection.

Photographic Vinyl Magnets Provide Memorable Global Souvenirs

One of the most time-honored traditions for travelers from all around the world is the giving of souvenir gifts to friends and family members who remained at home while you went on holiday. There are a plethora of items that can be given as souvenir gifts, ranging from crafts to jewelry to tee- shirts, and they are all sold at souvenir booths near any given attraction. The problem with these kinds of souvenirs lies in the time involved in seeking them out and making the purchase, the exorbitant cost of overpriced keepsakes sold by hustling vendors, and then having to lug them around or make shipping arrangements to get these souvenirs back home.

Why not circumvent the entire souvenir, gift-giving process and just enjoy your vacation while it lasts? You can get your souvenirs a lot more conveniently and inexpensively by simply browsing through the inventory available in our online souvenir store. Photographic vinyl magnets make great souvenirs, both for gifting and for holding on to your own memories. Don't worry about trying to get a good picture of that amazing ancient palace or cathedral without photographing the crowds of spectators, or trying to get a good shot of the gorgeous mountains or waves in bad weather or poor lighting. Just find the picture you want in our souvenir vinyl magnet collection and place your order. You'll have a beautiful image (sans the gawking tourists or blurry imagery) and one that can be displayed on your refrigerator for your daily enjoyment.

Keepsake Flexible Vinyl Fridge Magnets from World Wide Gifts

Vinyl magnet souvenirs are comprised of a wonderfully rendered photographic image printed on vinyl “paper” and then mounted on flexible vinyl magnetic sheeting. As you can see here, the photographic image of your choice is shown on the front side, and the entire reverse side is a magnetic sheet.

These pictorial vinyl magnets are some of the most popular souvenirs sold in our online store, and we've included many famous images within our worldwide souvenir collection.

Vinyl magnets are traditionally utilized for a wide range of applications, including magnetic signs such as those often used to advertise a business on the door or side of a car or truck. Vinyl magnets come in varying pull strengths, with the strongest type used for exterior applications like automobile magnetic signs, and thinner magnetic sheets utilized for items such as our souvenir photographic flexible vinyl magnets. The photographic image is attached to the magnetic sheet with an extremely powerful and durable adhesive that prevents separation, and the results are not only pleasing but also long lasting.

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The souvenir acquisition team at World Wide Gifts is pleased to be able to offer these fantastic keepsake vinyl magnets as part of our global souvenir collection. Our online store sells these flexible magnets in several sizes, most commonly as a landscape portrait sized 7” x 4” (18 cm x 10.5 cm.) They are only approximately 1/16” thick and very lightweight, about 1 ounce (25-30 grams.)

The vinyl photograph with its magnetic sheeting are resistant to tearing, fading or discoloration, creating a keepsake picture that will stand the test of time. Not only can your souvenir vinyl picture magnet be affixed to your refrigerator, if you prefer you can place it on other magnetic surfaces such as filing cabinets or tool boxes, even metallic doors and other metal (not aluminum or steel) surfaces. The colorful and dynamic photographs from fascinating places all around the world can be viewed by you or the gift-receiver on a daily basis, offering fantastic memories or images for daydreams.

Start Your Own Fridge Magnet Collection with World Wide Gifts Vinyl Souvenir Magnets

You can make your refrigerator or other large metallic surface into a display center for your collection of photographic magnets from all over the world. Take some time to browse through our fridge magnet collection and find the pictures that are most appealing for you, whether the images are of places you've visited on your travels or of places you've always wanted to go.

If you are a seasoned travel, you can create a display of holiday photos unlike any other with our spectacular flexible picture magnets. You can do the same thing with pictures of all the places you plan to visit someday, just by visiting our online store and choosing your favorite images from our vinyl fridge magnet collection at