Historic Landmarks & Amazing Attractions Memorialized on Souvenir Acrylic Magnets

This great planet of ours and the multitude of diverse cultures and civilizations that coexist upon the earth afford the curious explorer a multitude of wondrous sights and fascinating attractions. Regardless of where you call home upon this globe, somewhere nearby there is certain to be a famous historic landmark or an interesting tourist attraction that you've already seen or you intend to visit at some later date. But what about all of those other wonderful historic landmarks and tourist attractions out there in the wide blue yonder? We have memorialized hundreds and hundreds of images of popular tourist attractions from around the world within our collectible souvenir acrylic magnets.

Many of us are fortunate to have had opportunities to travel around the world and visit exciting and exotic destinations. You may have seen some of the most notable landmarks in the world, or perhaps you have plans (or dreams) of traveling to certain significant attractions in the future. Whether you've already been or you just wish you could go there, now you can gaze upon the image of your favorite places in the world every single day just by glancing at your refrigerator door. Our World Wide Gifts acrylic fridge magnets encapsulate fantastic photographs of the most popular and well-loved landmarks and the most symbolic and iconic attractions of countries all over the globe.

Acrylic Magnets: A Wonderful Method of Preserving a Keepsake Photo

One of the most popular and time honored means of recording the highlights of your vacation is taking pictures. You can usually recognize the tourists in the vicinity of any notable landmark or attraction by the camera hanging from a strap around the neck, or perhaps in our more technologically advanced era of travel and tourism it would be the camera-phone lifted in picture-taking mode that identifies the erstwhile tourist. We often spend a great part of our holiday snapping pictures of the places we are touring, so much time in fact that we often miss out on just enjoying the place we're visiting because we're spending so much effort and time on capturing the moment on film.

And then what happens to all those pictures when you return to your home? You can create a digital slide show to show your friends and family…they'll probably watch it with you once. You can post some pictures on Facebook, and they'll be glanced at by a few of your “Friends.” However, one of the very best ways to keep your vacation memories alive is to obtain an acrylic fridge magnet collectible souvenir photo from World Wide Gifts.

So Exactly what is an Acrylic Magnet Souvenir?

An acrylic magnet souvenir is basically a professional photograph of a particular famous or notable landmark or attraction that has been preserved within a layer of acrylic resin that has a magnet attached to the reverse side. Acrylic resin is a thermoplastic substance that begins as a colorless, transparent fluid that is emulsified and produced as a hard plastic. Acrylic resin is used in a wide variety of applications including items such as aquariums, signboards, automobile taillights, sinks, bathtub liners, and even cell phone display screens.

Acrylic resin offers many advantages when utilized for the preservation of photographs. This highly durable substance is extremely weather resistant, having been known to last for more than thirty years. In addition to protecting a photo from water damage, acrylic resin is also resistant to sun damage and does not become discolored or yellowed when exposed to sunlight. It is also easily cleaned, thereby protecting your World Wide Gifts souvenir fridge magnet photo from potential stains. Acrylic resin, unlike a glass picture frame, is also nearly impervious to cracks, blisters and breakage. These positive aspects of using acrylic resin to preserve special photographs have been applied to the creation of fantastic magnetic souvenirs that are clearly beautiful and extraordinarily durable.

Acrylic Fridge Magnets from World Wide Gifts

Our online store of worldwide souvenirs is pleased to include acrylic fridge magnets in our product offerings. World Wide Gifts sells acrylic fridge magnets in two sizes, 2 ½ “x 2 ½ “ (6.5 cm x 6.5 cm), or 2 “ x 3 “ (7.7 cm x 5.2 cm.) Each acrylic fridge magnet is 1/8” thick (.6 cm) and weighs approximately .7 ounces (20 grams.)

The souvenir consists of a photographic image encased within a coating of transparent acrylic resin. This lightweight, durable material creates the perfect protective covering for a keepsake picture, as shown here:

Example of an acrylic fridge magnet (01)
Example of an acrylic fridge magnet (02)
Example of an acrylic fridge magnet (03)

The reverse side of the acrylic resin-coated picture is adhered to a strong magnet that lets you mount your global souvenir photo on any metallic surface, such as a refrigerator door.

Example of an acrylic fridge magnet (Back Side, 01)
Example of an acrylic fridge magnet (Back Side, 02)
Example of an acrylic fridge magnet (Back Side, 03)

Acrylic fridge magnets can also be hung on other metallic surfaces in addition to refrigerators, such as filing cabinets, tool boxes, metal doors, and any type of flat surfaced metallic object.

Enjoy Your World Wide Gifts Acrylic Fridge Magnet Souvenir!

Now you can spend your holiday actually enjoying the many sights and attractions of your vacation destination rather than wasting time trying to get a good picture despite the crowds, the weather or the lighting. Order your souvenir acrylic fridge magnet online today from World Wide Gifts for quick and convenient home delivery that doesn't interfere with your holiday adventures. Don't worry about trying to fit a lot of gift souvenirs into your luggage, or trying to remember all the people you should be bringing home a souvenir. Just go online to www.world-wide-gifts.com and order as many acrylic fridge magnets as you'd like.

These global souvenir acrylic fridge magnets offer a wide variety of options for the selection of memorable keepsake images. World Wide Gifts provides an incredibly diverse range of images from countries all around the world. From scenic nature photographs, to national and state flag images, to pictures of notable historic attractions and iconic landmarks, you can select and order your favorite acrylic fridge magnet souvenirs online today!