Scenic Photos and Important Landmark Pictures Captured in Acrylic Key Chains

Those first intrepid explorers who discovered new lands had the same fascination for travel and adventure that many of us still have today. That deep-seated desire to visit a distant country, the longing to take a holiday in a far-off and exotic locale… Whether you decide to take your next vacation just a few hours down the road or you plan to travel by plane, train or cruise ship to a different country, the most wonderful part of your travel experience will be the opportunity to explore the world we live in.

From one side of the globe to the other, there are hundreds and hundreds of fascinating places to visit and marvelous things to see. There are destinations that offer breathtaking scenic vistas, man-made structures that provide great historical significance, and famous landmarks all over the globe. Owning a souvenir acrylic key chain from one of these well-known tourist attractions is a fantastic way to represent these iconic global travel destinations.

Everybody Loves Souvenir Key Chains from Around the World

From state and national flags, to scenic attraction pictures, to photos of important historical landmarks, the various images that are contained within our acrylic keychains all have one thing in common: they are extremely popular souvenirs! People love key chains because they are such a great way to express your personality. Acrylic key chain souvenirs from our online store give you hundreds of different ways to show what means the most to you, show off places you've been or things you love, demonstrate your heritage or just hold onto a daily reminder of that dream vacation you've been planning.

Your key chain is usually something you see several times a day, every day, when you're heading out to work or driving the kids to soccer practice or taking a road trip to an enticing new holiday destination. And lots of other people see your keychain, too, like your co-workers who notice your pretty Eiffel Tower keychain as you drop your keys onto your desk in the morning. You can display your pride in your home country or state with a flag keychain, or start a collection of key chains from all the places you've visited on your travels. Souvenir key rings from around the world are fun to own, great to give as gifts and are quite enjoyable to collect.

Learn More About Global Souvenir Acrylic Key Chains

World Wide Gifts offers an impressively large selection of collectible souvenir acrylic key chains representing countries and attractions all over the planet, and we are expanding our key chain inventory to include new souvenir photos and state and country flags. Our souvenir acrylic key chains are comprised of a double-sided souvenir picture or graphic image encased within a solid, transparent acrylic resin cover and attached to a standard metal keychain ring. The images inside the acrylic cover are clearly visible with colors and details of the highest quality.

The acrylic resin cover is made of a thermoplastic material that gets transformed from a clear emulsified liquid into an extremely hard plastic. This material is so durable and lightweight that it is popularly used for lots of different applications, including fish aquariums and outdoor signs, so it is a great choice for protecting your souvenir images. Acrylic resin products have been known to last for decades without showing any signs of weather or water damage. They don't fall prey to sun damage and don't get discolored or start yellowing over time. They don't stain easily, either, and the acrylic covers are also resistant to cracking or breaking.

Acrylic resin covered souvenir key chains are also very lightweight, so you can have quite a few of them on your key ring without any concerns about overweighing your ignition switch.

The World Wide Gifts Souvenir Acrylic Key Chains Collection

Our acrylic souvenir key chains come in a variety of sizes, such as our state flag key chain collection which is 1 ½” x 1 ½” x 1/8” (3.8 cm x 3.8 cm x .3 cm.) As previously mentioned, they are also extremely lightweight for safely collecting and adding multiple souvenir key chains to your car's ignition keys, commonly weighing an average of half an ounce (14 grams,) including the metal key ring. In addition to using your World Wide Gifts souvenir acrylic keyrings for your car keys, you can use them for any kind of key ring. Put one on your house key, or attach it to your office keys. Souvenir acrylic key chains also make great gifts, whether you're giving them out as travel souvenir gifts on your return from a trip, or giving them as little mementos to guests who may have come to visit you in your home country or state.

In addition to our outstanding selection of acrylic key chains, our online souvenir store also offers some other great choices for key chain keepsakes, including resin key chains cut in the geographic shape of the map image of different countries and states. We also offer engraved metal picture frame souvenir key chains, like our ship's wheel -shaped metal frame for the St. Petersburg souvenir key chain from Russia, and our collection also includes three- dimensional resin or metal souvenir key chains.

Have Fun Collecting and Gifting Your World Wide Gifts Souvenir Acrylic Key Rings

We hope you take great pleasure from all your travels and that you enjoy your vacation and holiday experiences. We also want to help you relax just a little more during your travels by providing our premium souvenir collection in our online store to give you the most convenient and inexpensive means of collecting your travel souvenirs. There's no need to take away a single minute from your holiday in search of souvenirs when you can quite easily purchase quality souvenirs from

Our souvenir acrylic key chains make wonderful gifts and fun keepsakes to collect. You'll enjoy seeing pictures of places you've visited every time you use your keys.