Our dedicated research and development team at World Wide Gifts has been doing our homework and we have discovered some splendid and unique premium quality souvenirs from Las Vegas, and we are happy to include these new keepsakes in our premiere collection of souvenirs from around the world. The new collection of Las Vegas souvenirs features the iconic images associated with this dazzling city of neon lights and dramatic architecture.

You'll be happy to see souvenirs from Las Vegas that perfectly represent the good times and glamour of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. The entire city was built for fun, and everywhere you look you'll see something amazing. Nearly forty million visitors flocked to Vegas last year to take part in the grand entertainment and intoxicating pleasures of a thriving metropolis also sometimes called Sin City. And most of them come to gamble! Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and luxurious resort hotels, and our souvenirs represent some of the most well-known hot spots in the city, like the famous Caesars Palace, the glamorous Bellagio, and the MGM Grand, and they also stand for many of the city's renowned entertainments that mostly are centered on gambling and partying.

Our excellent Las Vegas souvenirs collection includes fun and interesting items like souvenir flasks , shot glasses and ash trays, unique souvenir plates, coffee mugs and spoons, metal and resin collectible fridge magnets and even the most adorable Las Vegas souvenir piggy bank!

Las Vegas Souvenirs. First Video. Do not blame us for that ;)

Charming Souvenir Plates, Spoons and Mugs from Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a city known for its extravagance, and also for its amazing replicas of some of the world's most iconic architecture. World Wide Gifts now has some incredible dishware souvenirs that provide outstanding keepsakes representing these fantastic, world renowned landmarks and attractions located in Vegas. Our vibrant yellow souvenir plates and brilliant cobalt blue coffee mugs are painted with a collage of images of the spectacular ultra-modern replica of an Egyptian pyramid located right on the Las Vegas Strip, home of the Luxor Hotel and Casino. You'll also see the world's sexiest Statue of Liberty replica standing in front of the New York, New York Hotel and Casino located on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue, along with a smaller version of the Manhattan Skyline including the Empire State Building.

We have some more great souvenir mugs from Las Vegas, including a fun black graffiti mug printed with some of the city's best slogans, like “Hit me,” (blackjack reference) , “Party all night,” and “I heart Las Vegas.” And of course, the mug is also printed with images of dice and the iconic Welcome sign. Another favorite mug in our collection shows a night time scene of the city just after a crimson sunset, with the bright lights of the MGM Grand, the New York, New York and all the other fantastically neon-lit hotels and casinos, and both the rim of the mug and its handle are printed with the name “Las Vegas.”

The ladies are going to love our pink “Girls Night Out” collectible souvenir mug from Las Vegas, painted in sassy designs and high heels reminiscent of a great party night with all your girlfriends. We have a couple more mugs, one with a blue background and another with a black background that both feature great dice collages of Vegas.

Spoon collectors will adore our Las Vegas souvenir spoon with a handle that replicates the infamous sign that has welcomed millions of excited visitors to the Entertainment Capital of the World since 1959: “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.” A couple of playing cards are also featured on the spoon with the Ace of Hearts in the foreground.

Party Souvenirs from Las Vegas: Casino Ashtrays

A city that was made for entertainment knows how to show its visitors a good time, and there are plenty of people who choose Vegas as their vacation destination for no other reason than the fantastic party atmosphere. There's nothing like staying up all night drinking cocktails and watching the spinning of the roulette wheel, which makes our Roulette Wheel Ashtray a perfectly appropriate souvenir from Las Vegas. We also offer a great tin ashtray with an aerial image of the Las Vegas Strip brightly lighting up the night time sky and the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign.

More Party Souvenirs: Las Vegas Shot Glasses and Flasks

Sin City is also a wonderful place for a bachelor party or bachelorette party, and one tradition that party-goers enjoy in Las Vegas is drinking shots of liquor.

World Wide Gifts now includes some great shot glasses in our Las Vegas souvenirs collection. One is a sculpted pottery shot glass in a style called “Puffy,” that is painted with some of the city's notable landmarks and representative images, like the half- scale Eiffel Tower replica that stands in front of the Paris Hotel and Casino, a couple of playing cards and palm trees. Our stainless steel shot glass features the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada” sign and some dice just like the ones at the craps tables. Another great shot glass displays a dice collage of the city with the welcome sign, and we have another one with a dazzling sunset scene over the city.

Of course, what's a shot glass without a flask of something tasty to fill it? You'll love our souvenir Las Vegas flask decorated with a collage of images from the strip, rolling dice and the renowned Las Vegas welcome sign. If your tastes run more to a beverage made of barley and hops, check out our great beer bottle coozie, perfect for keeping your beer frosty and cold and also for giving you great memories of a visit to Vegas. The World Wide Gifts Las Vegas beer bottle coozie displays a collage image of all the best casinos and attractions of the city while providing you with a great Vegas souvenir.

Appealing Metal Fridge Magnet and a Dice-Shaped Las Vegas Souvenir Key Chain

Las Vegas is for lovers, and is known for being the Wedding Capital of the World because of the “no waiting” marriage licenses and a plethora of adorable themed wedding chapels. Couples come to Las Vegas to get married when they want to forego a traditional wedding ceremony and just elope together. Lots of people also want to get married in Vegas just for the fun of a theme wedding in one of the ever-popular Elvis wedding chapels. And then you have the couples who hadn't intended to get married when they came to Las Vegas but circumstances intervened and they just happened to be passing by a drive-through wedding chapel. All that love and the romantic vibe make our heart-shaped metal Las Vegas souvenir fridge magnet a wonderful memento from a special visit to Las Vegas.

Of course, we know that the main attraction in Las Vegas is the gambling, and everyone loves to roll the dice. Our Dice-shaped Las Vegas souvenir keychain features a different shot of the famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” sign on each of its six sides, some with playing cards in the background, some with images of pretty show-girls and a few pictures of famous casinos.

Collectible License Plates from Vegas

As if the spectacular luminescence of neon and chasing incandescent lights of the casinos and attractions aren't dazzling enough already, let's throw a fireworks show! Check out this colorful collage packed with pictures of all the great attractions along the Las Vegas Strip, featuring a dramatic display of pyrotechnics that dominates the evening sky. The foreground features the iconic red, eight-pointed exploding star outlined in yellow that tops the landmark Welcome sign, and the scene includes famous Lady Liberty, the Stratosphere Tower, the Paris balloon, and the sassy neon cowgirl.

Another splendid souvenir license plate focuses on the stretched-out diamond-shaped sign that has welcomed so many millions of visitors to Las Vegas, centered in front of a collage of attractions along the Strip and a handful of dice in mid-roll.

Unique and Captivating Treasures from Las Vegas

World Wide Gifts has gone to great lengths to find these appealing and unusual souvenirs from Las Vegas to enhance your souvenir collection. How about a hotpad with a fireworks display and all the most notable landmark attractions of splendid Las Vegas? You can also have your own full set of Las Vegas souvenir playing cards with scenery from the strip, the Welcome sign and 52 fireworks shows (54 with the Jokers.) You could also own a special all-American keepsake baseball printed with a collage of scenes from the best attractions and entertainments.

Another favorite keepsake in our Las Vegas souvenir collection is our splendid spoon rest colorfully covered in pictures of all the hottest attractions, from the Paris, Las Vegas balloon, to the Statue of Liberty, to the Stratosphere Tower and all the great entertainments in between. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas is in the center, lit up with fireworks. Need something to carry around all your souvenirs? You've got to have this stunning Las Vegas tote bag decorated in pictures of rolling dice, the Welcome sign, and a collage scene from the Vegas Strip.

Adorable (and a Little Ironic) Souvenir Piggy Bank from Las Vegas

Last but certainly not least in our fabulous new souvenir collection from Las Vegas is this cute little porky ceramic savings bank, painted in cheerful and vivid colors that are perfect to represent the bright lights of the city of fun. This little guy depicts images of the famous Luxor pyramid, and the replica of the Eiffel Tower in front of a sunny desert background scene. And of course, no Las Vegas souvenir would be complete without some representation of gambling, hence the playing cards. It's kind of cute and funny that one of our favorite new Las Vegas souvenirs is a piggy bank, especially when so many people end up leaving their pennies behind at the casinos, but you can always save up for next year!