Cuckoo Clock-Themed Souvenirs Make Great Reminiscences of Germany

From BMW to Siemens, Germany is famous for its precision engineering and design, but this is far from a new phenomenon. Since the 18th century, German-speakers in Germany (especially in the southern state of Bavaria), Switzerland and Austria have fashioned incredible mechanical clocks popularly called “cuckoo clocks” in English and “kuckucksuhr” in German. What separated these designs from their competitors early on was their use of extensive mechanical figurines to add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise utilitarian household item. The traditional design comes from Switzerland and is in the form of a chalet (a Swiss mountain house – a popular theme for souvenirs from Switzerland – with a door which opens revealing a mechanical bird that chimes the hours. For those collectors who perhaps don´t have the space or patience for their own squawking bird, World Wide Gifts is releasing a line of eight fridge magnets in the shape of cuckoo clocks.

Our Smaller Cuckoo Clock Fridge Magnets Make a Great Addition to Your Kitchen

Fashioned of a durable resin, these four designs all represent classic “Chalet” style cuckoo-clocks. The primary element is the chalet-esque central building, with a pendulum hanging below formed of two weights in the shape of pine cones. Each of the designs is unique, featuring the delightful figures of animals and people common to many clocks. If you are a collector of unique fridge magnets or looking for some remembrance of a trip to the Alps, these magnets deserve a place of honor on your kitchen refrigerator. Please note that our collection is made up of decorative magnets in the shape of clocks, not functioning clocks.

Our Large Cuckoo Clock Fridge Magnets Are Perfect for the Enthusiast

Our larger clock magnets are made of a similar quality and design to the smaller ones. However, in addition to their greater size, they have been fashioned with a much higher level of detail. This means that, for instance, the mechanical dancers that emerge from the gable of design #3 have clearly defined faces, as do the delightful little birds in the eaves of design #4 and the details of the clothes on the little gnomes on design #1. For the true cuckoo-clock lover, or the fan of traditional German culture, there are few more charming gifts or souvenirs than these fridge magnets. Please note that our collection is made up of decorative magnets in the shape of clocks, not functioning clocks.