A Vast Assortment Of Fridge Magnets From The United States Of America More Of Which Can Be Seen At Souvenirs From USA

The United States of America is a vast and diverse country. With a population of approximately 315 million people it is one of the top five most populated countries in the world. The landscape of the country is just as diverse as its people, from deserts and forests, to mountains and plains. The country is famous for its skyscrapers, national parks, lakes and monuments, all of which are captured on our large collection of fridge magnets from the United States of America.

Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting The State Of California In The United States Of America

Situated on the West Coast of the United States of America California has a coast on the Pacific Ocean. The most populous state of the country, its geographical terrain includes lakes, beaches, deserts, and mountains. From the glitter of Hollywood to the Joshua trees of the Mojave Desert it is an entertaining and interesting place to visit. This range of attractive California fridge magnets depicts the state in all its glory. The atmospheric lake Mono is a desert lake with a high salt content due to their being no outlet for the salt to run off. From water to the 404,063 acres that make up the Sequoia National Park which takes its name from the giant sequoia trees, one of which is featured on the magnet. And who could think of California and not think of Los Angeles with its sunshine beaches; and of course the home of film making with its iconic ‘Hollywood' sign.

Acrylic and Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting The City Of Boston, Massachusetts, In The United States Of America

On the East Coast of the United States of America lies the city of Boston in the state of Massachusetts. An historical city its harbour is famous for the ‘tea party' which took place in on 16 December 1773 when colonists dumped tea imported from Great Britain into the water as a protest against the tax on it. The thought being that they should not be taxed by a British government which did not represent them. This was a key event in the growth of the American Revolution. Some of the historic buildings of this capital of the state of Massachusetts, the largest city in New England, are captured on these attractive acrylic and vinyl fridge magnets from Boston.

Acrylic and Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting The States Of Nevada and Arizona In The United States Of America

The majority of the tourists visiting Nevada do so for one reason, the adult's playground that is Las Vegas. In dusty and rocky surroundings and an arid climate lie a myriad of entertainment, dining and hospitality opportunities. The enormous casino hotels are famous the world over. Walking into one can be a little like walking in a world of giants; some of the entrances are a quarter of a mile from the roadway. You could be forgiven for forgetting where you are with some of these fabulous buildings representing places such as Venice, Paris, and New York. From the galleons outside ‘Treasure Island' to the fabulous fountains at ‘The Bellagio' the buildings provide excellent entertainment themselves. But if that is not enough major stars such as Dean Martin, Barry Manilow, and Elton John have appeared in the city over the years. For an escape from the sometimes chaotic environment many visitors take trips to the Grand Canyon or Lake Tahoe, areas of great natural beauty which are also captured on these beautiful fridge magnets from Nevada and Arizona in the United States of America.

Acrylic And Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting New York City In the United States Of America

New York City in the United States of America is not just about skyscrapers; arguably as iconic is the Statue of Liberty. This impressive monument was a gift from the people of France to the United States of America; it was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and dedicated on 28 October 1886. Part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument is Ellis Island which was a gateway to the country for immigrants from 1892 until 1954. Tourists can visit the Museum of Immigration which opened in 1990. One thing about New York is that with so much to do visitors need rest and refreshment. Two areas in which to do this Chinatown, and the fast paced Times Square, are captured on these fridge magnets together with other monuments and buildings that represent the New York experience.

Acrylic and Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting Skyscrapers In The United States Of America

No-one can think of the United States of America and not think of skyscrapers; although in such a large country they do not make up most of the geographical environment. The Empire State Building is world famous, if only for having King Kong climbing on it; and the Flatiron building represents the very early examples of these buildings that climb into the sky. Skyscrapers was a term first applied to steel framed buildings more than ten storeys high built at the end of the nineteenth century in cities such as New York, St. Louis, Chicago, and Detroit. The Skyscrapers of modern day America are depicted on these attractive fridge magnets.

Acrylic Fridge Magnets Depicting Eastern States and Cities Of The United States Of America

The seat of government of the United States of America lies on its east coast in the city of Washington DC. Technically this is a capital district under the direct jurisdiction of the United States Congress and it is not part of any of the fifty states in the country. Washington DC is a popular tourist destination as it is home to the Congress Building and ‘The White House' which is, of course, the home of the President of the United States. Another feature of the Eastern United States is the state of Maryland with its state capital Annapolis, a relatively small city with its population of 38,394 as of the 2010 census. These famous American locations are featured on these attractive fridge magnets.

Acrylic Fridge Magnets Depicting Diverse Cities Of The United States Of America

A vast country with a huge population, the United States of America is one of the most diverse in the world. This selection of attractive fridge magnet shows some of the diverse sights across the country. New Mexico is border country and one of the mountain states. Within New Mexico is the White Plains National Monument, a beautiful expanse of white sand dunes made up of gypsum crystals. From the border country of New Mexico to the Midwestern states of Iowa and Indiana; the former being a former agricultural area which has diversified into heavy industry, and the latter being an original home of Native American people. A total contrast to all of these places is the city of the New Orleans in the southern state of Louisiana. Known as ‘The Big Easy', it is the home of jazz and plays host to the colourful, annual, mardi gras carnival.

Acrylic Fridge Magnets Depicting The State of Oregon In The United States Of America

Located on the west coast Oregon is the twenty seventh most populous state in the United States of America. With a landscape consisting of rugged Pacific coastline, forests, and mountains, it is a geographically interesting place to visit. Some of its geographical features are captured in our selection of beautiful fridge magnets. Mount Hood is the highest point in the state and is a volcano which although informally considered dormant could still potentially erupt. The Columbia River rises in the Rocky Mountains of British Colombia, Canada, and flows through Washington State and Oregon before emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

Acrylic Fridge Magnets Depicting The Eastern States Of Rhode Island and New York, In The United States Of America

Rhode Island is the smallest of the United States in area. It was one of the original thirteen colonies that declared independence from British rule. It was the first colony to make the declaration, on 4 May 1776, but was the last to ratify the United States Constitution. The state capital, Providence, is home to 178,042 people. This old city, one of the first in the United States, features on some of these attractive fridge magnets as does the capital of another eastern state, Albany. It is not the most populous city of New York State but has been its capital since 1797.

Acrylic and Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting The State Of South Carolina In The United States Of America

South Carolina can be found in the south eastern United States of America. With a humid sub- tropical climate it is home to many lakes with a total surface area exceeding six hundred and eighty three square miles. South Carolina was the first state to enter the Republic but during the American Civil War it was one of the southern states that joined the confederacy. Today its capital city, Columbia, is undergoing a revival with former warehouse districts being turned into leisure areas with bars and restaurants. This modern city features on several of these attractive fridge magnets.

Acrylic Fridge Magnets Depicting The State Of South Dakota In The United States Of America

South Dakota is home to one of the most familiar landmarks in the United States of America which is captured on one of our collection of fridge magnets featuring the state. Mount Rushmore, which features the carved heads of former United States presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln, is famous the world over. Other sites featured on these beautiful fridge magnets include the Badlands National Park, Sioux Falls, and the Black Hills. Anyone who is familiar with musicals will know those very hills feature in the classic ‘Calamity Jane'.

Acrylic and Vinyl Fridge Magnets Depicting Parks In The United States Of America

One thing the United States of America does not lack is national, state. And city parks; there are fifty nine national parks alone across twenty seven states. These fridge magnets feature just a handful of the open areas including the Ecola State Park in Oregon which stretches across nine miles of coastline. It is a place to surf, hike, and observe the wildlife. Also featured is the world famous Central Park in New York City. Based on Birkenhead Park in the United Kingdom it is a vast expanse of green in a busy city. A haven for locals and tourists alike it is home to the Strawberry Fields memorial garden which was built following the assassination of John Lennon outside his apartment in the Dakota Building which is opposite the park.

Acrylic Fridge Magnets Depicting Places Of Worship In The United States Of America

The United States of America is a country of religious freedom and its people are able to worship their religion of choice. This collection of attractive fridge magnets depicts just some of those places of worship across the city. One of the fridge magnets, although it does not show the building itself, is a look at the area near to St Paul's chapel in New York City which miraculously survived the attack on the World Trade Centre. This picture seems to sum up the faith shown in rebuilding the area.