Keychains are one of the best known and most collectible souvenirs, as well as one of the most practical. Almost everyone who is old enough to own a car or a house has at least one keychain, since they make your important keys much easier to keep track of. Our keychains are durable and beautiful, all in one!

Keychains from Israel

Keychains are also a great chance to customize an item that you will almost always have with you, and are good indications of personality. Most people select a keychain that is an image of something important to them, whether it's a belief, a trip, or something else. Many people also collect keychains from their travels, since you can get themed keychains in a variety of designs all around the world, and they are an easy souvenir to pack, since by design they are small enough to fit in a purse or pocket. If you want a great way to bring back fond memories of your trip to Israel or show off your beliefs, or if you want a gift for someone for the same reason, our keychains from Israel are the perfect blend of practical and attractive.

Souvenirs from Israel: The Hamsa

Three of our premium keychains are crafted in the shape of the Hamsa. A Hamsa is an amulet in roughly the shape of an open hand. While scholars are not sure precisely where or when it originated, it has been incorporated into many traditions, including Judaism. In most cases, it is seen as a talisman either for good luck or for warding off evil. In Judaism, it is also known as the Hand of Miriam, referring to the sister of Moses. You can have your own hamsa by selecting one of our souvenir keychains! The first is a chain of five small hamsa, similar to some styles of hamsa bracelet. The use of five hamsa to match the five fingers of the hand is also significant.

Blue Hamsa

Blue is a very traditional color for Hamsa. In many legends, blue represents the heavens or even the eyes of god, which makes it a very good color for keeping away misfortune or the ‘evil eye'. The ‘evil eye' was a belief that being looked at a certain way by certain people could bring misfortune or a curse. Sometimes this could be caused by the jealousy of an ordinary person, but more often it was the work of a specific person who could wield curses, like a witch. If you want to ward off the evil eye or simply to have a great memento of an important cultural symbol and of your own trip to Israel, you can use our carefully crafted blue hamsa keychain.

Red Hamsa

Red is also a traditional Hebrew color for warding off evil. For example, aside from the Hamsa, another way to ward off the evil eye is to tie a special red thread around your wrist, usually one that has been at the traditional site of the tomb of Rachel, the wife of Jacob, one of the most important figures in Hebraic history. Red is also considered a good luck color in many cultures, even as far away as China, so regardless of your own cultural background, a red hamsa can definitely be seen as a symbol for good fortune. Take your fate into your own hands or just bring back memories of a fun trip with our red hamsa keychain from Israel.

Symbols of the Book of Judith

The Book of Judith is an important cultural text. It describes the adventure of a Jewish woman of strong faith, who is distressed that her fellow Jews do not have faith that they will be saved from the invading army attacking them. She gains the confidence of the enemy leader and manages to kill him in his tent, scattering the army and saving her people. She is held up as a role model of faith and fortitude in difficult situations. Our Judith keychain contains several symbols that relate to this message and will help keep you strong through tough times, including both a red and blue hamsa and a Star of David. This keychain makes a beautiful souvenir or gift for anyone.

The Star of David

Almost everyone recognizes the Star of David as a symbol that represents the Jewish faith. It has been used that way for centuries, and even before that was used as a symbol within the faith. It has also come to represent the nation of Israel as a whole, and is even used on their flag. Our Star of David keychain is the perfect souvenir from Israel, especially if you want others to instantly recognize that it represents your trip there.

A Book of Psalms

The Book of Psalms is an important portion of both the Jewish and Christian sacred texts. Even without its religious significance, it would be an important historical work for its examples of early Hebrew poetry. Because of its beauty and because many of the psalms are used as prayers, there is a tradition of carrying around just the Book of Psalms, known as the Tehillim in Hebrew. Our keychains allow you to have your own miniature Book of Psalms easily accessible, protected by a stylish metal case. These keychains make the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates poetry or for the religious person in your life.